Audio Weaver Designer Release Notes


Audio Weaver Designer 8.C.1.3.D

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in matlab that was causing values in arrays to be lost when saving and reloading
  • Fixed issue in installer script that was causing VS2010 redistributable to fail to install

Audio Weaver Designer 8.C.1.3.B

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Inspectors are working as expected from the matlab scripting
  • Adding all needed VS redistributables to final installers
  • Layouts with nested subsystems are loading into designer

Audio Weaver Designer 8.C.1.3.A

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixing the bug which appears when using Sink Inspector on Multi-Instance AWECore target

Audio Weaver Designer 8.C.1.3

Notable New Features

  • Audio Weaver PyWrapper tool, used to run Audio Weaver designs in Python

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Improve MATLAB window handling to avoid Designer crashes when multiple windows are open
  • Fix Designer crash at startup if audio path removed
  • Allow "Attach to Running Target" to live tune multiple instances at once
  • When using "Attach to Running Target", have pop-up to choose the .TSF file
  • Layouts are no longer destroyed when disconnecting from target or when closing Designer
  • Pasting modules into a subsystem causes problems if the canvas size is too small
  • Module Count initially shown as 0 when you convert to a subsystem
  • Speed up a convert to subsystem undo process
  • Fix issue with saving module states of subsystems
  • Subsystems not correctly propagating channel names
  • Channel name can't be edited correctly if using keyboard arrows
  • All the channels should appear in the pop up window when hovering over the wire
  • Fixed fill color displays for selected modules on canvas
  • MixerV3 module now fails gracefully in Designer GUI when arguments are invalid
  • Correct axes label positions in TableInterp control inspector
  • Fixed issue where Router inspector was not closed when the module was deleted from canvas
  • Fixed issue where Router inspector could not be open until user propagated changes
  • Sink inspector channel checkboxes now work even if display is not updating
  • Make legend lines thicker in the Sink inspector
  • Disabling tuning no longer locks Scaler and SOF Modules
  • AWD does not open when ParamSet module is saved with incorrect argument
  • Add error message to ParamSet if variable being accessed does not exist
  • Manual profiling now works if there are Debug modules in the layout
  • Restrict access to Debug modules when you are in a Release Build
  • Don't check for unbuildable system while editing debug/release states of modules
  • Generate Layout Files when possible even if build fails in Designer
  • Error dialog will appear if user selects missing file with "Filter modules by ModuleList.h"
  • Prevent building system with floating point output pin
  • Ability to search with ctrl-f in the Server's Output tab
  • Multiple updates and improvements to AudioWeaver User's Guide Doc

Audio Weaver Designer 8.C.1.2.A

Notable New Features

  • Added "Attach to Running Target" functionality on multi-instance system

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Added 0 input value test to Sqrt module

Audio Weaver Designer 8.C.1.2

Notable New Features

  • Wires in Designer can now show and propagate user provided channel names throughout a layout. Certain module inspectors, like the Router and Mixer, will now show channel names to improve channel identification
  • The system delay can now be accumulated across the entire layout and displayed on the wire information on the canvas
  • AWE_Server will now count and display the number of CPU overflows detected by AWECore on the running target
  • Convert to Subsystem tool added to right-click menu when selecting multiple modules that need to be relocated to a single subsystem on the canvas
  • Layout Variables can now be used to define module argument values. Users can create their own layout variables or use a predefined set
  • Debug and Release build configurations added to easily support selectively removing debugging modules from Release layout builds
  • Modules with unconnected output pins will now build and run without error
  • Module Testing tool now allows exporting of results to .csv file. Support for system and regression testing of VUI modules also added
  • Changes can now be made to any module path in Pro Designer, including for module packs included in installer
  • Improve TCP/IP connection robustness in AWE_Server
  • Subsystem tabs in Designer now support "Close", "Close All", and "Close All Except This" options in right-click menu
  • Ctrl-N hotkey will now open a new layout
  • Improvements to AWE_Process files program, including being able to input multiple .wav files on the input pin
  • Time needed to redraw the canvas with large arrays present is reduced
  • Module Properties panel no longer disappears when changing from Design mode to Tuning module
  • Modules being controlled by ParamSet type modules are now highlighted and show the name of the controlling ParamSet
  • Fix so that wires in subsystems can always be deleted if subsystem pin names are changed
  • Audio-Weaver-Designer--Users-Guide.docx updated with detailed descriptions of new features
  • Audio-Weaver--Tuning-Command-Syntax.docx updated to link to improved documentation of binary commands on the DSPC website

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Table Interp Module inspector now properly saves and restores inspector values when saving and loading a layout
  • Sink modules will now adjust the auto-scaled Y-axis based only on the channels that are selected
  • Corrected a memory allocation issue with the Sink Display module that could cause Designer to freeze
  • Integer values entered in module properties and in inspectors are now guaranteed to be the same
  • Corrected handling of underscore characters in Frequency Response inspector titles
  • Improved module browser search results to remove unrelated modules
  • Improved robustness of AWE_Server to prevent data in inspectors from becoming corrupted if Server is pre-empted by a resource demanding process on the PC during runtime
  • Fix to Measurements tool to allow frequency response calculations for any section of a layout
  • Audio Start and Stop commands are now sent to the correct core on multi-core systems
  • Fixed generation of unsigned int set array commands in Designer
  • Dragging off-canvas modules back onto the canvas can now be done with rectangular selection
  • Bug fixed when copy and pasting subsystems that resulted in not being able to open both subsystems inspectors at the same time
  • Annotation text edits can now be reverted with undo button
  • Copying and pasting module settings now supported in Tuning mode as well as Design mode
  • Process File tool now correctly runs all clockdivided sublayouts
  • Fixed summation of profiling cycles for multi-layout systems
  • Custom Modules using a preProcessFunction marker will now have the module C code generated properly
  • Control wires will now draw with dashed line as soon as they are connected to pin
  • Custom text colors are now persisted between Designer sessions
  • Text color for a module will now persist when module arguments change

Audio Weaver Designer 8.C.1.1

Notable Update

  • Update Designer to use the latest version of AWECore: 8.C.1
  • See AWECore 8.C.1 release notes for more details

Audio Weaver Designer 8.B.1.5.C

Notable Update

  • Adding PID/VID and description to the AWE_Server.ini file for "Cypress PSOC6" board

Audio Weaver Designer 8.B.1.5

Notable New Features and Improvements

  • Add Ability to Drag and Drop layout files (.awd) into Designer
  • Add non-real time profiling to Designer
  • Display indication for bad wire connections
  • Add register.bat which (re)registers DLLs
  • Validate AWD file when opened in Designer
  • Add Offline File Processing Tool (AWE_ProcessFile.exe) to the standard installer
  • Allow modules that instantiate slowly to display a progress bar / wait dialog
  • Adding total heap sizes to CSV files generated by profiling tool
  • Adding Ctrl + Drag shortcut to copy, paste / duplicate a module
  • Adding automated Custom Module Creation process
  • Allow "Flip Block" to be applied to a selection of modules
  • Enabled encrypted AWB builds for standard version of Designer
  • Allow filtering of module palette based on specified ModuleList.h file
  • Adding edit box to the generate files dialog to name the generated C array
  • Adding Ability to Get Module Profiling Information With Target Control API
  • Dynamic adjust Server control locations when changing size of window
  • Update module search feature so that it always includes the module's class name
  • Adding "data type" column to Module Properties Panel/Variables for ParamSet modules
  • Allow channels to be hidden in the inspector for Sink Display modules

Notable Bugs Fixed

  • SbBeamformer inspector does not work with MATLAB R2019b
  • Server doesn't recognize the target until user manually change PID number in Change Connection window
  • Improve TCPTimeout in AWE Server
  • Sink Fract32 inspector doesn't show full value
  • classid_lookup.m throws an error when we have Module Directories without a classids.csv file

Previous Releases

VERSION:  8.B.1.4.E
RELEASE DATE: 2020-April-14
        - Adding 2 Mic Audio Front End Subsystem module to Voice module pack
        - Fix the issue with generating ControlInterface target files for compiled subsystems

VERSION:  8.B.1.4.D
RELEASE DATE: 2020-February-3
        - Updating AWECore version to 8.B.5
        - New EULA in Designer installer

VERSION:  8.B.1.4.C
RELEASE DATE: 2020-January-28
        - Increasing ASIO device channel count limit from 64 to 128

VERSION:  8.B.1.4.B
RELEASE DATE: 2019-November-22
        -  New module System Variable were implemented
        -  Cache the module list for each core when retrieving target info
        -  New modules SourceProperties, SourcePropertiesInt32, SourcePropertiesFract32, SinkProperties, 
            SinkPropertiesInt32 and SinkPropertiesFract32 modules were implemented
        -  Module Measurement is usable without Matlab
        -  The icon for the PRO version does not appear on the desktop 
        -  The version to Audio Weaver application name were added
        -  The example layout directory were reorganized 
        -  The designer is able to profile on multiple cores
        -  User is unable to switch from Line Input to File in Layout Properties during running on remote command line 
        -  Designer User Guide is now appears in designer Help menu 
        -  Remote server information is now display in the Designer Title Bar
        -  Drop Down Box "Endpoint" is now disabled while layout is running
        -  The new installers now contains DSP VUI module pack
        -  Matlab message now reports correct SMP cores available
        -  AWE_Server display correct number of output channels
        -  Fixed layout problems not being able to attach to running target
        -  The error message does not appear when user is changing the number of channels in the input pin 
        -  Fixed the issue with large binary array writes on F769 cause target to crash
        -  Binary file (AWB) can be generated immediately after opening AWD now
        -  WindowV2 module does retain custom coefficients when reloading the AWD now
        -  Fixed designer issue when creating a sub-system
        -  Fixed the issue with assigning object IDs for modules inside subsystem
        -  Fixed the issue with scnrV2 module that builds, but isn't linked correctly to the SCNR dll
        -  The bug in Generate target files for multi core target was fixed
        -  Fixed the issue with SetStatus not finding the target module
        -  New canvas is picking up core endpoint instance selected in Designer endpoint drop-list
        -  Adding icon to module THD in misc folder in Module Palette

VERSION:  8.B.1.3
RELEASE DATE: 2019-September-12
        - Modules RunningStatistics and BlockStatistics were modified to allow channel by channel operation

        - The subblock statistics and subblock statistics fract32 modules now check if the subblock size evenly divides the wire block size
        - Fixed Graphic EQ module which allow changing number of bands without causing build error 
        - Fixed Butterworth design test functions that were failing after minimizing target reads
VERSION:  8.B.1.2
RELEASE DATE: 2019-August-24
        - AWECore documentation was updated

        - Resolved issue with regression tests on STM32F746 board
        - Fixed format of error message in multiplexor module
VERSION:  8.B.1.1
RELEASE DATE: 2019-August-19
        - Support for Multi-core / Multi-instance targets (Requires AWE Core v8 or above)
        - Tuning Interface test added under Tools Menu
        - For better cross-platform support, layouts require fract32 data on input pin
        - New Profiling Feature: Peak Profile of running system.  
        - New Profiling Feature: Non-Realtime ("Manual") profiling.
        - Some changes in Protected Layouts:
            o Module Properties unavailable for modules marked non-tunable
            o Paste is disabled 
            o User can not add or delete any modules and wires in the layout
        - Recent file list won't show files that no longer exist. 
        - Generate Target Files UI changed for improved clarity
        - Generated target files have new syntax, as required by AWE Core version 8 
        - Sink Inspector now has Legend displayed when displaying multiple channels of data
        - Ability to Copy/Paste module-settings between modules of the same type
        - New Module: Window V2 with Coefficient generation and Apply button. 
        - Improved visual feedback on Designer Canvas
            o Non-tunable modules will be highlighted with a dashed blue outline
            o Mark modules that have objectIDs assigned to them with a bold blue outline
        - New Module: Measurement V2 - new parameter numPreCycles controls the number of stimulus events before starting the acquisition.
        - AWE Server now supports auto-configuration for the following boards:
            o Atmel SAMV71 xPlained
            o STM32F407 Discovery
            o STM32F429 Discovery
            o STM32F746 Discovery
            o STM32F769 Discovery
            o STM32H747 Discovery
            o STM32L496 Discovery            

        - Resovled bandwidth issue with Server’s RS232 tuning connection
        - Fixing display bug with Allow Tuning and isTunable
        - User will not be able to make any changes in Variable column in Module Properties
        - Text annotation was not properly rendered on some screen resolutions
        - Changing the number of channels in the pink noise module to 16 will show each channel in different color
        - Using multichannel .wav files as input was only properly first two channels
        - Clicking on the button Add File in Flash manager could crash the server
        - Router module's inspector always scrolls to the top after making a selection
        - Now properly handle edge-case where Uninstall wouldn’t complete
        - BlockStatisticsN module did not properly handle the second output pin (the index)
        - Fixed rendering issues when changing to certain canvas sizes
        - Generated TSF file contains wrong name when using .objectAlias
        - Populating module parameters with comma-separated list now more robust error handling.
        - Better error handling for over-sized tuning packets
        - A layout's default audio file (input) is now saved with full path
        - Better handling of unusual page-sizes in Page Setup window
        - Generate Target Files now works properly when connected to remote server
        - Better support for Windows screen-scaling at certain resolutions

VERSION:  7.A.0.8
RELEASE DATE: 2019-June-11
    - Fixing the bug in Peak ticks per block profiling
    - Process Files option is now available when not in Native mode
    - Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) will be installed automatically
    - Selecting File/Execute Recent Scripts is displaying only recently executed scripts
    - Matlab Process function supports SMP multicore systems
    - New Canvas is showing processor groups
    - Comparing systems clearly shows module's hierarchy name
    - HW input pin and HW output pin are fract32 only for SMP
    - Displayed wire info is wrong when displaying different wire types between SMP cores
    - Issue with IPC wire fan-out is fixed
    - Server now shows correct AWEVersion info when connected to an AWE6 target
    - Encrypted AWB does work on AMLogic A113x board
    - Large Sink Inspector (12 x 512) does not crash the Server
    - Fixing the issue with failing CreateHiddenInspector 
    - Update sample rate module accepts sampleRate change from property window
    - Changing slider range while inspector open updates inspector
    - Remove Layout->Module Build Settings in Designer
    - Flash manager is not available when user connect to the RPI target
    - Fixed the issue with window modules didn't properly calculate filter coefficients
    - Fixed file sink data loss during Audio Weaver Process files in designer
    - Fixed the issue when designer couldn’t open earlier created layouts
    - Enabled all Matlab warnings in AWE
    - Enabled encryption of AWBs with Eval AWB checked in the Generate Target Files menu
    - File/Execute Recent Scripts now display only recently playing scripts
    - Fixed the issue with Profiling window dimensions were truncated
    - Fixed the issue with Resizing "Edit INI file" window which were making it none presentable
    - Fixed the issue with subsystem with a marker module that were showing "MIXED STATUS" after building
    - Fixed the issue with default layout incorrectly sets up output pin ranges
    - Fixed the issue with static core model erroneously flagged as SMP
    - Enabling generation of AWB .c files with Standard and STMicro editions

    - THD Module was implemented
    - Added Peak CPU profiling and Multithreaded profiling
    - Added Communication Test to Designer
    - Make Measurement Module Usable Without Matlab
    - Updated multiplexor_v2_module.m documentation
    - The notification appears in Layout Properties when user switch from local to remote server in Global Preferences
    - Clean up Profiling Window display
    - Make profiling window resizable
    - Modules do not update XML and HTML when the module source code is generated
    - Make it easier to select modules inside a rectangular annotation
    - Extra space was added in Server window where it lists target info
    - Added help file for new module WindowsV2.

VERSION:  7.A.0.7
RELEASE DATE: 2019-Apr-22
        - Updates and fixes to the Flash Manager and FileIO
        - XoverNWayFract32 module module bug fixes
        - Sink Display module bug fixes
        - Offline licensing bug fixes
        - TableInterp module bugfixes
        - SOFSmoothedCascadeFract32 module bug fixes
        - RS232 Connection bugs fixed. Can now connect to RS232 targets
        - Fixed mono audio playback distortion bug in Native mode
        - Bug fix for complex input to subsystems
        - Fixed bug where file opening progress dialog not drawn properly when the file name is long
        - Fixed connection loss bug when editing INI file from Server Help->Open INI File.
        - Reduced the number of retries when connecting to a remote server

        - Now supporting “Profile Running Layout” on Linux targets
        - Added User Guide for Flash Manager
        - Improved error messages in Designer
        - Improved docs for some modules 
        - Updated documentation for Measurement module to include Matlab usage
VERSION:  7.A.0.6 
RELEASE DATE: 2019-Mar-18
        - Bugfixes with feature licensing when connected to a remote server. 
        - Remote Server connection freezing bug fixed
        - Can now open files with File->Open while in tuning mode
        - AWE Server audio file skip forward/backward feature fixed
        - Bugfix with Audio Start/Stop on AWE Server
        - Bugfixes in generated target files
        - Bugfixes with RS232 connection
        - Fix the issue when user open default layout is trying to generate target files the progress window never disappear. 
        - Fix the issue that couldn’t open module properties in Standard and STMicro
        - Fix the issue on server that doesn't fail gracefully on launch if last session was connected to tcpip and connection is no longer available
        - Fix the issue with awe_find_file.m that fails to find folders when directed to look for folders specifically
        - Increase TCP timeout in Server .ini file
        - Add warning message if there is a mismatch in sample rate
        - Eliminate FileName in the Pin Build Properties since this functionality were disabled in AWE-7
        - The argument isSMP in core argument was eliminated since only SMP multicore layouts are currently available
        - Change dropdown option in `Change Connection` of AWE Server from `Ethernet` to `TCP/IP`
        - Better error checking when audio devices don't start in native mode
        - The properties Tools->Process Files will be available only in Native mode
        - Canvas size now limited to 10 pages by 10 pages

        - Add new command for AWB to identify AWB version
        - Add new Audio Weaver Tuning Command 'get_rate,' 
        - Can now use File->Execute Script to execute AWBs on an embedded target
        - Can now Profile Running Layout when connected to a Remote Server.
        - Example .AWDs now included in all Designer deliverables
        - Increased default Heap Sizes for native mode. 
        - New “isTunable” setting for modules. If set to no, inspector cannot be opened and tuned in realtime. 
        - New Generate Target Files dialog window with better descriptions of files
        - Updated documentation for Designer
        - Changed the way module’s ObjectID were generated

VERSION: 6.18.02.A
RELEASE DATE: 2018-Oct-19
        - OneShotPlayer Module now handles stereo .wav files

        - New Modules: IIR Decimator, IIR Interpolator

VERSION: 6.18.02
RELEASE DATE: 2018-Jul-24
        o Feature-Licensing system introduced (Enabling Designer functionality to be enabled via licensing)
        o Designer Pro Edition now includes "Custom Module SDK" content (Usage of which is enabled by a valid "Feature: Module Creator" License.)
        o Minimum system requirements updated
            - Pro Edition requires MATLAB version 2017b or later
            - 64-bit version of Windows now required
        o Installer size reduced for Standard Edition and ST Edition

        - Pro Edition now supports custom module creation with valid "Module Creator"  Feature License
        - Improved error reporting when trying to connect to server and license is invalid
        - Improved error reporting when target cannot be found
        - Improved prebuild error reporting (input channel count mismatch, blockSize inconsistencies, etc)
        - Improved error reporting when allocating FFTs
        - Updated Audio Weaver Designer User's Guide to include info about Custom Module Creator
        - Updated the documentation for Advanced module FftFract32 
        - Updated the Help file and name of Periodic Streaming module.
        - Cleaned up example layouts, sorted them by category, and replaced the deprecated modules in each example
        - Update target list when reconnecting to target on Global Preferences
        - Allow Standard Edition of Designer to work with a Pro license
        - Add drop out count to the 1 Hz update shown by the command line server
        - New module added! CycleBurnerSet
        - New module added! BlockDelayV2
        - New module added! TableLookupV2 
        - Add verbosity control to regression tests to allow easier comparison
        - Improved Wire information display (to show buffer reuse)
        - ParamGet help file updated
        - Updated documentation for Deprecated ModulePack (which module's should be used instead
        - Updated installer to use a newer version of Matlab (2017) 
        - Reduced installer size (MCR installer now downloaded on-demand)
        - Standard Edition installer now uses 64 bit Matlab
        - Added "Clear Login Credentials" entry to GUI's Help menu
        - Restarting Designer now re-connects to Ethernet targets
        - ScalerV2 now supports complex data
        - Updated Module User's guide
        - Updated the Module Developers Guide 
        - Changed the name of "Audio Weaver Server Command Syntax" to "Audio Weaver Tuning Command Syntax" 
        - Added "clear_credentials", "set_core_description", and "get_moduleclass_info" to Tuning Command Syntax manual
        - Can now search for subsystem pins
        - Updated boolean_source_module.m so that it has a text label function and shows the value on the canvas
        - Updated ZeroPaddingFract32 help file
        - Showing allocated wire buffer number of the canvas when showing "Wire Info"
        - Improved some Module's browser and canvas images
        - General Purpose Vector Scaler now supports complex numbers
        - Made clock divider inheritable in feedback wires

        - Sink inspector should not activate / deactivate module
        - Parameters in inspector and property window can become mismatched
        - Server does not proper display profiling clock when it equals 16 kHz
        - Record Output Audio with specified file name in Layout Properties is not working
        - Adder module with single channel input appears to add / pass other channels to output 
        - Cannot use paramset with subsystem modules
        - Tools->Compare layouts functionality not working
        - Edit Feedback Property dialog box freezes the entire Designer window 
        - Cannot resolve different sample rates (fixed sample rate mismatches if floating point precision issues)
        - Navigating into a subsystem fails catastrophically if remote target loses connection while designer is drawing
        - Some inspectors (like Router and SbBeamformer) caused trouble when system is saved
        - Router inspector can't be closed.
        - TCP/IP communication not stable on Windows VM
        - Some of the check boxes on the Generate Target Files dialog box are not persisted when saving / loading
        - Offline license key bug fixes
        - fft_fract32_module crashing awe_server
        - Compiled subsystems aren't pulling in all of the needed internal modules
        - The inspector for Cycle burner module should be wider to fit all the digits
        - Clock divider not working with PinkNoise module
        - Router and RouterSmoothed modules not allowing access to all channels
        - ClipIndicator module fails regression
        - Meter fails regression test
        - Regression test test_scalern_v2 fails on the Native target
        - Changing connection from Ethernet localhost hangs for minutes
        - clockDivider issue with subsystem source modules
        - The information in designer pop up window "About Audio Weaver" is incorrect