Appliance Solutions

Build your voice enabled appliance using DSP Concepts’ Audio Weaver and enable local commands untethered from the cloud. Or build a high-end appliance with full far-field and cloud-connected performance. Powerful development tools support hardware platforms commonly used in the appliance industry.

Appliances can be enabled for a voice assistant with TalkTo performance. Unique to the appliance industry are requirements for lifespan that have designers often choosing local command processing instead of connecting to cloud assistants. The premium appliance category offers connection to the cloud for services, displays and media playback. TalkTo can do both, connecting your appliance design to a cloud ASR, or enable locally processed appliance commands.

Refrigerators are a higher-end voice controlled hub in the kitchen which you can add full features like cloud connectivity, video screens, and music playback. For this type of product, design in a TalkTo far-field voice assistant solution that passes industry specifications like Amazon’s AVS, and enables barge-in during multimedia playback. Unique challenges in the kitchen are distractors like a hood vent, running dishwasher, that can be addressed by an AIC (Adaptive Interference Canceller) to build a robust solution. You can combine Voice Communication with TalkTo, and interact with an intercom or cloud-connected IP doorbell using the refrigerator display. Playback render can improve output processing for bass enhancement, volume leveling, and voice communication, especially when small speakers are used in appliances due to form factor restrictions.

Appliances in the mid level category- washing machines, dishwashers or microwaves typically do not enable multimedia playback, and use a minimal system of acknowledgement tones. For this grouping of products, you can choose TalkTo and enable local commands as an ‘offline’ product without cloud access. Using an appliance industry hardware platform, DSP Concepts can enable local commands tailored to the particular application. Microwaves, Dishwashers, and Washing machines can utilize various commands that will stay robust for the lifetime of the appliance without a WiFi connection.

Sensor monitoring is also available for your solutions, providing acoustic or sensor monitoring of events and preventative maintenance analysis. Please contact us for more details.

High performing Voice assistants

TalkTo enables your appliance design with voice assistant capabilities. It can deliver barge-in for a high-end appliance with multimedia playback, and works in challenging acoustic environments like a noisy kitchen. Your appliance will pass AVS qualifications for voice assistants and other assistant ecosystems.

Stellar Voice communication

Enable robust voice communication on this high-end appliance for ACM (Alexa Calling, Messaging and Announcements). This can be combined with TalkTo to enable the full experience on your high-end appliance.

Local commands

Use your appliance with a wakeword and local command without the use of a cloud-based ASR. The local command set can be selected by application and a variety of appliances. This allows your design to work without connectivity cost adders, cloud updates, and be locally processed.

Sensor processing

DSP Concepts has the flexibility to monitor sensors in its Audio Weaver suite of tools and determine load imbalance, preventative maintenance among other capabilities.

Hardware spectrum

Your appliance application can utilize a DSP, MCU or SoC and scale up from its existing design to a voice-enabled product. DSP Concepts works across the spectrum of appliance industry hardware so designers can choose features and scale up or down for voice assistant performance, cost sensitivity, and low power.


TalkTo meets AVS requirements for far field products and meets other voice ecosystem certifications. Voice Communication ACM (Alexa Calling, Messaging and Announcement) results are in the highest performance category. Your solution can use other voice assistant and voice communication ecosystems with minor adjustments.

Playback Solutions

Volume Management

Adjust your input streams of varying levels to a consistent output level.

Dialogue Enhancement

Improve your voice communications by the use of multi-ch inputs to create a virtual center channel for dialogue.

Bass Enhancement

Boost your design with an virtual extended bass output response

Spatial Enhancement

Build a more immersive output design by taking multi-ch inputs and adjust for features such as perceived stereo widening.

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