Infineon PSoC62 IoT

Infineon PSoC62 IoT

Infineon PSoC6 ultra-low-power reference design provides machine listening with built-in security, on-device processing of local command sets, and "hey Cypress" wake word powered by Sensory TrulyHandsfree™. The design unlocks internet-free voice interaction to a new universe of devices throughout the smart home.



Best-in-class Voice UI

  • Single-Channel Noise Reduction (SCNR) from DSP Concepts’ high-performance TalkTo Audio Front-end
  • Local commands with intent recognition

Local command recognition

  • Optimized solution for edge processing 
  • No internet connection required

Audio Front-end Features

DSP Concepts’ TalkTo for excellent far-field performance in noisy environments

  • • 2-mic Beamformer with Single Channel Noise Reduction (SCNR)
  • • Quiescent Sound Detector (QSD) for low power wake-up on interrupt
  • • State-of-the-art noise cancellation with Adaptive Interference Canceller (AIC) 
    • ○ No reference signal needed
    • ○ Eliminates 30dB of external noise sources such as background music or a booming movie)
  • • 35dB Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) for excellent barge-in performance

Sensory TrulyHandsfree trigger word integration with the following command set

  • • Turn On lights
  • • Turn Off lights
  • • Open garage door
  • • Close garage door 
  • • A/C on
  • • A/C off
  • • Set temperature at 68F



Software Integrations

Software Integrations - Audio Weaver Designer
Audio Weaver Designer
Drag-and-drop graphical tool to customize and tune audio processing models in real-time with 500+ modules
Software Integrations - Audio Weaver Core
Audio Weaver Core
Embedded audio processing engine for the ARM Cortex-M4
Software Integrations - TalkTo
TalkTo Voice UI
Noise reduction and advanced beam-forming signal processing for far-field voice activation
Software Integrations - Hey Cypress
‘Hey Cypress’ trigger word
Software Integrations - PSoC 6 SDK
PSoC 6 SDK (Modus toolbox) from Infineon

Hardware Specifications

Processor: PSoC6 MCU CY8C62x6/7

  • CY8CProto-062-4343W module
  • 150-MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 CPU with single-cycle multiply, floating point, and memory protection unit.
  • 100-MHz Arm Cortex-M0+ as the secondary processor for low-power operations.


  • 288KB SRAM with power and data retention control
  • Up to 1MB application flash, 32KB auxiliary flash

Audio I/O

  • 2x PDM-PCM digital microphone interface
  • 1x I2S with TDM mode
  • on-board debugger/programmer with KitProg3


  • PSoC6 supports multiple wired and wireless connectivity options including Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi and USB. 

Included with the demo kit

  • CY8CProt-62-4343W PSoC 6 Wi-Fi BT Prototyping kit
  • 2 mic linear array
  • PSoC 6 SDK (Modus toolbox)
  • PSoC 6 Dev kit BSPs, Readme files and documentation
  • Code examples in Cypress Github repository
  • USB cables
Infineon PSoC62 IoT Diagram

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