Automotive Audio

Automotive Audio Technology

The most complex audio product is the car

Audio Weaver is the development platform that solves for complexity and makes audio innovation easy


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Unique Advantages for OEMs

DSP Concepts Automotive - Control
Control of
  • The audio experience
  • The change request process
  • Cost of change
  • Flexibility of design
DSP Concepts Automotive - Ownership
Ownership of
  • Core use-case capability
  • Reuse on subsequent generations
  • Choosing independent supplier partners and IP partners
  • Awareness of state-of-the-art technologies
DSP Concepts Automotive - Transparency
Transparency for
  • System design functionality
  • Software and hardware requirements
  • Platform through open IP, hardware and OS independence


DSP Concepts Automotive - Efficiency
Efficiencies due to
  • A single, cross-functional development platform for all vehicle audio processing needs
  • A single audio integration
  • Speed and simplification of change
  • Ability to take concept directly to production
  • Fast iteration and evaluation processes
  • Rapid prototyping hardware for easier evaluations

One audio development platform
for all architectures, vehicle segments, and brands

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Distributed Architecture Approach

  • Hardware and software combined
  • Processing on specialized ICs, SoCs, or running on multicores

Highly Integrated

Audio Processing

  • Hardware and software decoupled
  • Domain controller architecture on one high computing platform
  • Compatible with the software-defined vehicle

Speaker Processing

  • •  Complete multi-channel playback
  • • Source selection, source processing, stereo or multichannel source support
  • • Entertainment and infotainment audio mixing and ducking
  • • Speed-dependent volume control
  • • Multichannel speaker EQ, delay, compressor/limiter
  • • CAN message input control capabilities
Automotive Speaker Processing
Automotive Sound Design

Sound Design

An Audio Weaver module pack made to craft and tune sound enhancements

  • AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alert System)
    • Pedestrian warning system with FuSa (Functional Safety) requirements
  • • ESS (Engine Sound Synthesis)
    • External sound designed to augment combustion engine noise
  • • Welcome Sound
    • Played back from exterior or interior speakers
  • • ISE (Interior Sound Enhancement)
    • Designed to augment combustion engine sound or create soundscapes for electric vehicles
  • ESE (Exterior Sound Enhancement)
    • Exterior sounds other than AVAS
  • • Interior Chimes and Alerts


Automotive Voice

Design Flexibility

• Microphone topologies

• Microphone array positions

• Number of users

• User scenarios

Development Benefits

• Build out and launch unique and innovative voice applications rather than using a supplier black box

• Run voice solutions on DSPs as well as Cortex A processors

• Use existing microphones for concurrent use cases

• Audio Weaver concurrent speaker and microphone processing

Voice Communications

Essential: Front Seating

• Supports single mic and mic array layouts with noise reduction
and doubletalk performance with mono playback


Advanced: Whole Cabin

• Supports multi-mic arrays or per seat mics with adjacent talker
cancellation, advanced noise reduction, and upgraded doubletalk
performance with mono playback

Optional Upgrades Available

Voice Control

Essential: Front Seating

• Supports single mic and mic array layouts with noise reduction,
Adaptive Interference Cancellation and stereo playback


Advanced: Whole Cabin

• Supports multi-mic arrays or per seat mics with noise reduction,
Seat ID, Adaptive Interference Cancellation, and multichannel playback

Industry Ecosystem Support


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Embedded Voice

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• Alexa ACM 

• ITU P.1110/1120


Voice Assistants

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Supported Voice Assistants

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Automotive Verification Center

Dedicated Automotive Lab in Silicon Valley for precision testing and tuning of automotive voice solutions

  • • Head Acoustics ACQUA/VoCAS/3-Pass Flex system for detailed test analysis
    and performance tuning of voice control and voice communications solutions
    in clean, noise, and music conditions.
  • • Customized test vehicle providing system connectivity with
    head unit and OEM audio system in addition to dedicated background noise
    reproduction system.
  • • Mobile equipment rig for data collection and tuning.
DSP Concepts Automotive Verification Center

RAPID Automotive Kit

A Rapid Audio Prototyping Device (RAPID)
The complete design and evaluation system for Automotive Voice

RAPID Audio Prototyping Device Kit

Automotive Tuning Tools

Automotive Tuning Suite
Acoustic Signature Analyzer

Acoustic Signature Analyzer IconAcoustic Signature Analyzer

Measure the acoustical fingerprint of a vehicle

• Browse and evaluate measurements as impulse or frequency response or in a waterfall diagram

• Measurements can be shown for all seats and microphone positions

Tuning Filter Designer

Tuning Filter Designer iconTuning Filter Designer


Computer-aided filter design and optimization

• Set channel and global target curves

• Automatically calculate correction parameters

• Set parameters to optimize system performance for vehicle characteristics

Precision Mastering Tool

Precision Mastering Tool iconPrecision Mastering Tool


Real-time sound tuning and listening test tool

• Manage vehicle prototyping and acoustic system comparisons

• Complete final tuning by listening


AWE Tune
AWE Tune

AWE Tune icon

System tuning of the entire audio flow including presets

• One application to tune multiple car lines

• Tune with target hardware or in standalone mode

• Easy to adapt to audio flow changes

IC Optimizations and Reference Designs

NXP Mercury SoC with AWE Tune
  • Next generation, single-chip software defined radio (SDR) system solution
  • Audio Weaver modules provide complete audio configuration and tuning for NXP
    SAF400X series processors
  • Full support for EPICS programmable DSP cores within Audio Weaver
  • Pre-configured signal flow available, for a turnkey audio design utilizing the AWE Tune GUI
Samsung Exynos HiFi 4 Enablement
  • Tensilica® HiFi 4 DSP provides 32-bit fixed and floating-point performance for demanding automotive applications
  • Easily integrate DSP Concepts’ TalkTo voice control and TalkTogether voice communication solutions
  • Support for low-latency road noise cancellation (RNC), in-car communications (ICC), and engine sound synthesis (ESS) use cases
  • Compatibility with Linux or Android systems
Analog Devices Processors with SHARC+® DSP Cores
  • ADSP-SC5xx/215xx product families available with single- or dual-SHARC+ DSP Core floating point processors for flexible audio connectivity and performance scalability
  • Optimized Audio Weaver embedded libraries leverage the powerful SHARC+ DSP FIR/IIR hardware accelerators
  • Incorporates Analog Devices’ statistics functions and hand-optimized DSP libraries
  • Powerful DMA system with innovative digital audio interfaces and internal buses
  • Full in-car entertainment/infotainment system with a complete signal flow right out of the box
  • Includes ADSP-21562-AUTO hardware with optimized Audio Weaver embedded libraries that leverage the powerful SHARC+ DSP FIR/IIR hardware accelerators
  • Easily customize and perform system tuning of the entire audio flow with AWE Tune
  • Powerful and cost-effective solution for exceptional automotive audio with up to 12 speakers

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