Audio Weaver

Design Once,
Deploy Everywhere

A cross-platform audio-processing engine that’s hand-optimized for all of today's most popular embedded processors. It features a library of over 400 audio building-blocks that are used to rapidly build and deliver the audio-features your product needs.

Optimized audio wherever your software runs.

AWE Core is highly optimized for all of today's most popular embedded processors, delivering cross-platform flexibility with maximum processing performance.

Seamless integration

Audio Features in just a few clicks.

Everything you need to create your unique audio product, from design to deployment.

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Drag and Drop Audio Features

With Audio Weaver Designer, Drag and Drop 400+ Audio building-blocks connect and configure your audio.

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Deploy Anywhere

Audio Weaver is hand-optimized for all of today's most popular embedded processors.

Why Audio Weaver?

Rapid Product Development

Audio Weaver allows product designers and engineers to integrate, invent, and fine-tune audio-features at unprecedented speeds. The ability to change signal-processing layouts in real-time (without recompiling or reflashing hardware) yields incredibly fast iteration times.

Processor Agnostic

Audio Weaver designs are fully portable across all processors supported by the AWE Core. Audio Weaver’s real-time MIPs and Memory profiling empowers system architects make fast, reliable decisions about processor selection.


With more than 400 processing modules now available, and more always on the way, Audio Weaver easily meets the needs of any application that requires audio processing. Its modules can be combined and adjusted to suit the needs of many markets, including automotive, IoT, consumer and pro audio, security, and more.


Its modular, real-time programming environment allows product development teams to quickly create new audio processing chains, with no coding skills required. Engineers can quickly tune product performance and add features, and are free to choose whatever processor meets their needs without needing to redevelop algorithms.

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