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Audio Weaver is a cross-platform audio-processing engine that’s hand-optimized for all of today's most popular embedded processors.

Why Audio Weaver?

Rapid Product Development

Audio Weaver allows product designers and engineers to integrate, invent, and fine-tune audio-features at unprecedented speeds. The ability to change signal-processing layouts in real-time (without recompiling or reflashing hardware) yields incredibly fast iteration times.

Processor Agnostic

Audio Weaver designs are fully portable across all processors supported by the AWE Core. Audio Weaver’s real-time MIPs and Memory profiling empowers system architects make fast, reliable decisions about processor selection.


With more than 400 processing modules now available, and more always on the way, Audio Weaver easily meets the needs of any application that requires audio processing. Its modules can be combined and adjusted to suit the needs of many markets, including automotive, IoT, consumer and pro audio, security, and more.


Its modular, real-time programming environment allows product development teams to quickly create new audio processing chains, with no coding skills required. Engineers can quickly tune product performance and add features, and are free to choose whatever processor meets their needs without needing to redevelop algorithms.

Control Wires

Audio Weaver Designer uses dashed lines to represent non-audio data. This Control data typically represents HMI settings, such as volume or balance, system-state, such as battery-level or engine-RPM, or derived values like RMS-level or event-detection flags. Source and Sink modules are used to exchange control data with the surrounding firmware.

Real-time tuning

Once you have your layout in place, hit the play button in Audio Weaver Designer to instantiate your system on the AWE Core and start listening. Double-click modules to bring up their inspectors; tuning changes happen live, in real-time. Trying to converge on a final tuning? Try putting a Multiplexor Smoothed module in for fast, clean A/B testing.


Signal Conditioning

Modules like Table-Interpolation let you easily map and refine control signals. Easily make your product sound great at any volume level by creating a Fletcher-Munson dynamic EQ (boost the bass when the output volume is reduced). Or, convert your linear volume-knob into a tapered gain in dB to yield finer volume-control at typical listening levels.

Real-time Debug

Debug without ever having to rebuild / reload or reflash the DSP's executable.

Add a SineGen module and drive a known-good signal through.

Connect a Sink module to any wire in your Layout and quickly inspect the audio.

Place modules or entire substems Passthru, Mute, or Bypassed mode


Cycle and Byte-Accurate Profiling

Through the tuning interface, Audio Weaver Designer can query the execution time and memory usage of every module in your Layout. Export the data as a .CSV and gain new insight into the topology and efficiency of your audio processing Layout.

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Learn which subsystems are costing you the most MIPS

Make informed tradeoffs.

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Try the same Layout on the eval-boards for multiple processors

Learn how much processing you actually need.


Flexible Licensing

Audio Weaver Designer uses an online, account-based licensing system. This system gives developers the flexibility to use their Audio Weaver Designer license on multiple machines. To allow temporary offline usage - in that hotel room, airplane, or remote site - Designer also has a built-in grace-period where it can operate for several days without an internet connection. Finally, for those rare circumstances where firewalls cannot be adjusted, limited, node-locked licensing is available to support permanent offline access. Learn More


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