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Audio Weaver is the fastest, trusted framework to craft audio experiences that users love. Purpose-built to design, develop, and deploy embedded audio products, innovators choose Audio Weaver to transform their development workflow.

Build with Audio Weaver

Purpose-built for audio: the only comprehensive audio development framework that brings new designs to life in real-time without the obstacles of legacy development.

Accelerate prototyping, work together, focus on success

Audio Weaver helps teams craft better designs and work on hardware and software in parallel without getting bogged down in low-level code

Drag and drop 500+ modules

Audio Weaver runs on your PC and lets you craft any audio product without code or hardware, freeing you and your team to rapidly iterate and evaluate multiple concepts.

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From beginner to expert

Jump past the learning curve with

Self-starter documentation

A free introductory video series, optional in-depth courses

Our user community with other audio experts

Better collaboration

Self-documenting, end-to-end workflows unite audio designers, DSP designers and embedded system engineers. Someone can work on a filter/EQ layout while someone else works on audio/speaker distribution.

Module Packs

Jump-start development with pre-configured module packs for performance tuned and tested capabilities and features like multi-channel AEC and wind-noise reduction.

Reference designs

Accelerate initial efforts with a diverse collection of reference designs that you can tweak to “make your own.”

Available reference designs

Find the best design

Create alternate designs, copy and modify initial designs to provide multiple configurations. You can visualize the differences and benchmark every design.

Supercharge Development. Performance Guaranteed.

Experience insanely fast iteration, avoid development obstacles and integration challenges, painlessly include your code while optimizing performance for many different processors and systems

Accelerate innovation

Rapidly experiment, iterate, and prototype without focusing on the underlying hardware or low-level code. See and test changes instantly without recompiling or flashing hardware to accelerate processor/system evaluation.

Real time tuning

Quickly view and adjust parameters of every module as the system is running, hear changes instantly, see signals live.


Query the execution time and memory usage of every module in your Layout. Export the data to gain new insight into the topology and efficiency of your audio processing Layout. Test on actual hardware and measure system level effects such as memory bandwidth and multiple threads.

Seamless code integration

Build on your existing innovations, futureproof your code base, create custom modules for unique requirements, weave them into your design, and see what they do. Leverage MATLAB’s huge library of signal processing design functions through the MATLAB API.

Supports multiple processors

Design for and evaluate many processors, letting you pick the one that’s right for your product.

Turnkey IP

Build with dozens of DSP Concepts and 3rd party modules from leading vendors like Alango and Sensory that provide specialized and customized functions, including extended range audio for voice-controlled products, automatic bass enhancement, and wind noise reduction.


Build with leading-edge voice control that cuts through the noise, delivering better ASR and local command results. Easily integrate Alexa Voice Service and Google Voice Assistant while extending their range. Eliminate interfering noise sources even without a reference signal, multichannel AEC, and custom mic array geometries.

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Protected collaboration

Make sure collaboration doesn’t cause a challenge. Prevent edits, lock block diagrams, limit tuning of specific blocks or open elements for collaborative engagements.

Design Once. Deploy Everywhere.

Run anywhere: run the same design on your hardware of choice, using any processor supported by Audio Weaver.

Regression testing

Test hundreds of modules on the PC or actual target.

Efficient, small footprint

Sidestep the challenges of code optimization. Audio Weaver’s output is highly optimized, resulting in an efficient, ultra-small footprint on the target device with minimal overhead. For example, the underlying Audio Weaver framework requires 13 kB on an ARM Cortex-M4.

Flexible Deployment Models

Run bare metal, with an RTOS, or using a high-level operating system like Linux or Android.

Last minute form factor tuning

Tune performance on the actual hardware to accommodate product changes, as they happen, on the fly.

Audio Weaver Pro

An advanced version of the Audio Weaver development system that runs with MATLAB® from MathWorks® and leverages MATLAB scripts to coordinate the building of Audio Weaver designs.

The Pro edition provides key features through the MATLAB Automation (Scripting) API. The API allows users to leverage the power of MATLAB to configure and control Audio Weaver including:

Parameter calculations

Visualize signals

Create and run automated regression tests

Control full system building

The API is an advanced feature and assumes that the user is familiar with MATLAB.


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