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The Audio Development Platform

Fundamental to the platform is the Audio Weaver development framework. Freed from having to write complex code from scratch, the development process can be streamlined with a framework, leaving more time to innovate.

DSP Concepts - Audio Weaver

Audio Weaver provides an easy-to-use, independent framework to accelerate audio feature development projects and enable collaboration across product teams.

The Audio Weaver Customer Journey

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Audio Weaver Benefits

Elements of Audio Weaver

Elements of Audio Weaver
AWE Designer logo
AWE Designer™
The Windows-based graphical design environment
• Standard Edition: Design GUI
• Pro Edition: Works with the MathWorks® MATLAB® platform
Audio Weaver Audio IP Modules
Audio IP Modules
Audio IP Modules
• Algorithm building blocks for product developers
• From low-level primitives to complete designs
• From DSP Concepts and third-party partners
AWE Core
AWE Core icon
AWE Core™
The Embedded Processing Engine
• Optimized target-specific libraries
• For bare metal and RTOS applications
• Available for multiple processors
• Small run-time
• Supports multicore and multi-instance implementation
AWE Core OS™
Extends an AWE Core library for rich OS applications
• Optimized library for processors running the Linux or Android OS
• Leverages application features for logging, tuning, and threading

The Workings of Audio Weaver

The Audio Weaver platform sits in the center of a solution ecosystem.

  • The AWE Designer™ graphical design environment generates a net list for the AWE Core™ processing engine that tells the embedded target which modules to use and how to wire them up.

  • AWE Designer™ hosts DSP Concepts proprietary designs together with 3rd party IP from leading algorithm developers.

  • AWE Tune™ links to Audio Weaver to provide system tuning of the entire audio flow while the Automotive Tuning Suite includes tools for acoustic measurement, filter design, and real-time tuning.

  • R-TASC™ is an audio system problem identification and debugging process supported in Audio Weaver and the RAPID Kit™ is a complete prototyping system for voice features.

The Workings of Audio Weaver

The Audio Weaver Pro Edition


An advanced version of the Audio Weaver development system that runs with MATLAB® from
MathWorks® and leverages MATLAB scripts to coordinate the building of Audio Weaver designs.

Pro Edition provides key features through the MATLAB Automation (Scripting) API. The API allows users to leverage the power of MATLAB to configure and control Audio Weaver including:

  • Parameter calculations
  • Visualize signals
  • Create and run automated regression tests
  • Control full system building


The API is an advanced feature for users that are familiar with MATLAB

Custom Module Creator

Allows wrapping of custom IP to be used with other modules

Audio Weaver - MathWorks Partner

Audio Weaver ST Edition


A special edition of Audio Weaver offered in partnership with STMicroelectronics. Includes AWE Designer packaged with Cortex M4 or Cortex M7 AWE Cores optimized for playback feature development and tuning on STM32 microcontrollers

A complete plug-and-play solution ready to integrate and ship in products
Designed for voice conferencing and home audio use cases


checkmark_white Reference design
checkmark_white Fully functional Board Support Packages
checkmark_white The AWE Designer standard module pack suitable for most two-channel playback systems
            Filters, EQs, mixers, limiters, compressors, math and logic, and signal generators
checkmark_white Purpose-limited AWE Core functionality 

No-fee Licensing

checkmark_white Clickthrough license
checkmark_white No development license fee
checkmark_white Royalty-free
checkmark_white Unlimited AWE Designer seats

AWE Core for ST Edition

Get the STM32 microcontrollers directly from STMicroelectronics


with Arm Cortex-M4



  • STM32F407 Full with USB audio, ASRC, analog audio, microphones
  • 1-hour timeout for Keil (MDK-ARM), IAR (EWARM), and SW4STM32 (GCC)


  • Sample Applications
  • Pre-built boot image
  • AWE Core integration documentation
  • F407 User’s Guide


with Arm Cortex-M7



  • STM32F769i Simple with analog audio, microphones
  • STM32F769i Full with USB audio, ASRC, analog audio, microphones


  • Sample Applications
  • Pre-built boot-images for F769i and F746 boards
  • AWE Core integration documentation
  • User Guides

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