DSP Concepts is the Audio of Things Market Leader

and the creator of Audio Weaver, the Audio Experience design platform
The Audio of Things
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The Audio of Things

The market category representing the full range of audio processing technologies that deliver sound and voice features to products


“The opportunity for the Audio of Things is ever expanding...As the global appetite for audio continues to increase, helped in part by the technological advances in audio processing that DSP Concepts provides, Futuresource anticipates this market will grow at 5% CAGR (2021-2025), reaching a total of 4.1 billion devices by 2025.” 
— Simon Forrest, Principal Technology Analyst, Futuresource Consulting

DSP Concepts enables product makers to

dramatically expand and accelerate

their ability to design and deliver remarkable audio experiences



achieve development goals that were previously out-of-reach



reduce time-to-market and resource needs

The Audio of Things Approach

A flexible and modular approach that makes the entire audio workflow faster and easier across prototyping, design, debugging, tuning, production, and even over-the-air updates

Audio Weaver - DSP Concepts
Audio Weaver
The Audio Experience Design platform that accelerates feature development and makes audio innovation easy across markets
Debug Tools - DSP Concepts
Debug Tools
​An audio system problem identification and debugging process designed to verify hardware and software functionality and performance
IP Ecosystem - DSP Concepts
IP Ecosystem
Hundreds of audio DSP building blocks and powerful ready-made solutions that scale to product specs including designs from DSP Concepts and IP from industry-leading 3rd party developers
Tuning Tools - DSP Concepts
Tuning Tools
An advanced tuning tool featuring an intuitive graphical user interface for the entire audio flow including presets
Prototyping Hardware - DSP Concepts
Prototyping Hardware
​A complete rapid prototyping toolkit for audio product design and evaluation that includes customizable microphone arrays
Services - DSP Concepts
​A global team of experts offering a range of support engagement levels from essential services to full service


"We were able to get a solution running within hours and prototype a complete solution in a matter of only days. This has been critical to us as we were able to quickly prototype in Audio Weaver and then run the audio processing models on our hardware and make adjustments in real-time to quickly validate our approach as well as our hardware architecture."

Peter Celinski
CEO, Milo

"DSP Concepts’ technology makes it possible for our engineers to implement an individual sound concepts for the Taycan and to create a unique Porsche sound signature."

Oliver Seifert
Vice President of Electrics/Electronics Development, Porsche

"DSP Concepts is always looking at developing new IP and whether it’s machine learning or voice-centric stuff, I think that there is a lot of value in that. They’re not just in the business of creating a tool; they’re creating a tool and then they have a lot of DSP background to be able to offer IP or offer support to us in developing what we want to do."

Consumer Electronics OEM

The Rise of Audio

Expectations for audio are rising rapidly across markets, requiring an ever broadening, more advanced set of features. 
DSP Concepts brings world-class teams, robust solutions, and keen technical awareness to market segments with the greatest potential for audio innovation.

DSP Concepts - Automotive
The most complex audio product is the passenger car

DSP Concepts - Hearables
TWS manufacturers continue to push technical boundaries and add new audio features
DSP Concepts - Consumer Voice
Consumer Audio
Voice-enabled living room, home office, and smart home products
DSP Concepts - Enterprise Voice
Enterprise Audio
Work-from-anywhere connectivity with advanced voice conferencing

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