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AWEDesigner_V1_DSP_050422AWE Designer
The Windows-based graphical design environment

Example audio signal flows and example algorithms are included with every download of Audio Weaver to give users a head start with designing audio processing signal chains.



Full featured including over 550 processing modules from DSP Concepts and 3rd party developers


Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • A valid Standard Edition License

Pro Edition

The advanced version of Audio Weaver that runs with MATLAB® from MathWorks®


Minimum Requirements:
  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • MATLAB R2017b or later
  • A valid Pro Edition License
ST Edition

A special edition of Audio Weaver offered in partnership with STMicroelectronics

Includes AWE Designer packaged with Cortex M4 or Cortex M7 AWE Cores optimized for playback feature development and tuning on STM32 microcontrollers.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • A valid ST Edition License
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Drag-n-Drop Environment checkmark checkmark checkmark
Realtime Interface checkmark checkmark checkmark
Control Wire checkmark checkmark checkmark
Cycle & Byte Accurate Profiling checkmark checkmark checkmark
Windows Target (AWE Core for x86) checkmark checkmark checkmark
Hierarchical Subsystems checkmark checkmark checkmark
Configure any version of AWE Core checkmark checkmark  
Per-Module Layout Profiling checkmark checkmark  
Inspector Groups checkmark checkmark  
Point-to-Point Layout Measurements checkmark checkmark  
Diff Layouts checkmark checkmark  
File Processing for Rapid Iteration checkmark checkmark  
Attach to Running Targets checkmark checkmark  
Use and tune Custom Modules checkmark checkmark  
Design Portable Subsystems checkmark checkmark  
Requires Matlab® with DSP Toolbox   checkmark  
Matlab® Automation API   checkmark  
Regression Testing Scripts   checkmark  
Supports Custom Module Maker   checkmark  


Latest Release
8.C.2.5.A (July 21, 2022) Release Notes

Release Highlights

In addition to bug fixes and enhancements, AWE Designer version 8.C.2.5.A includes new features that assist in collaboration and the sharing of assets:
  • Reusable Subsystems (RUS) allow users to design portable subsystems using native AWE modules. When creating a Reusable Subsystem, AWE Designer generates corresponding XML and MATLAB files that can be shared with any AWE user for implementation in their own layouts. Any Reusable Subsystem that has been created or imported will appear in the module browser alongside native modules.
  • Interpreted Modules overcome a previous limitation of MATLAB, allowing users of Audio Weaver Pro Edition to create custom modules and share them with users of Audio Weaver Standard Edition. Like Reusable Subsystems, these custom modules appear in the module browser once imported.

AWECore_V1_DSP_050422AWE Core
The Embedded Processing Engine

Latest Release

8.C.13 (July 21, 2022)  Release Notes

Release Highlights

In addition to bug fixes, AWE Core 8.C.13 includes:

  • New Linkwitz-Riley Filter module for ideal crossover networks
  • Added support for Tensilica HiFi 5 builds
  • New Biquad Sparse V6 module for selecting Direct Form 1 or 2 implementation
  • New Biquad Sparse HP module for high precision applications

AWECoreOS_DSP_080122AWE Core OS

For Rich OS Applications

Latest Release

8.B.8 (July 21, 2022)  Release Notes

For more information on licensing the AWE Core production-ready libraries please contact DSP Concepts sales

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