TalkTo for ST: Wearable

With the ST Voice Wearable reference design, DSP Concepts enables near-field voice activation on wearable devices such as smart watches, fitness bands using power and MIPS optimized 2-mic TalkTo.


  • Near-field voice activation
    • DSP Concepts high performance 2 mic TalkTo Audio Front-end 
  • Cost-effective BOM for small form-factor products
    • Runs on single low-cost STM32H7 micro-controller 
    • No external memory required

Audio Front-end Features

  • DSP Concepts’ TalkTo for excellent near-field performance in noisy environments
    • 2-mic Beamformer with Single Channel Noise Reduction (SCNR)
    • 15+ dB improvement in noise cancellation performance with stationary and non-stationary noise conditions

Software Integrations

  • Audio Weaver Designer: Drag-and-drop graphical tool to customize and tune audio processing models in real-time with 500+ modules
  • Audio Weaver Core for ST Voice: Embedded audio processing engine for Cortex-M7
  • TalkTo Voice UI: Echo cancellation and advanced beam-forming signal processing for near-field command recognition

Hardware Specifications

  • Processor
    • STM32H747XIH6 Dual Core MCU with Arm® Cortex®-M7 running at 480MHz and Cortex-M4 running at 240MHz
  • Memory
    • 2048kB Flash
    • 1024kB RAM
  • Audio I/O
    • SAI audio codec
  • Board connectors
    • Camera ( 8-bit)
    • USB with Micro-AB
    • Ethernet RJ45
    • SPDIF RCA input and output
    • Stereo headset jack including analog microphone input
    • audio jack for external speakers
    • microSD card
    • TAG-connect 10-pin footprint
    • Arm Cortex 10-pin 1.27 mm-pitch debug connector over STDC14 footprint
  • Board expansion options
    • Audio daughter board 
    • Arduino™ Uno V3,
    • Pmod™ Type 2A and Type 4A
    • STMod+

Included with the demo kit:

  • STM32H747I Discovery Kit with STM32H747 MCU
  • DSP Concepts 4 mic array daughter board with selectable 2-mic configuration
  • Voice UI Quickstart Bundle: Everything you need to know to design voice-enabled IoT products, including design guidelines,microphone placement, an Audio Weaver Designer layout (.AWD), and tools to get started.
  • USB cable

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