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The Audio Weaver development platform is optimized for and ready to deploy on the most popular cores, DSPs, SoCs, and MCUs

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Actions SemiConductors Logo
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BluetoothActions Semiconductors

Chip Family   ATS3607

Supported Processors   CEVA-X2

Use Case   Soundbar, Smart Speaker

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Analog Devices Logo
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AutomotiveAnalog Devices (ADI)

Chip Families   SHARC, SHARC+, ADI Dual SHARC+, Dual ADI SHARC+ & ARM Cortex-A5 

Supported Processors   ADSP-21479, -21489, -21569, -SC589, -SC594 -SC598, -21593, -21835

Use Cases  Playback, AVAS, Telephony, ESS/ESE, RNC

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Airoha Logo
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Chip Families   AB158x, AB156x, AB1592 (coming soon)

Supported Processors   Tensilica HiFi5, Tensilica HiFi5 Mini

Use Cases  Hearable, Wearable, Smart Speaker, Voice, Playback

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Asahi Kasei Logo
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AutomotiveAsahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM)

Chip Families   AK7xxx

Supported Processors   AK701x, AK7709

Use Cases  Playback

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BES Technic Logo
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BluetoothBES Technic

Chip Families   BES2600WM, BES2700A

Supported Processors   Cortex A7, Tensilica HiFi4

Use Cases   TWS, Headset, Speaker, Soundbar

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MediaTek Logo
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Automotive, Smart Home, ConferencingMediatek

Chip Families   Genio, MT85xx, MT81xx

Supported Processors   ARM Cortex-A53, Tensilica HiFi4

Use Cases   Playback, Voice, Smart Speaker, Soundbar

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Microchip logo
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Automotive, ConsumerMicrochip

Chip Families   SAME5x, SAMV71

Supported Processors   Cortex-M4, M7

Use Cases   Amplifiers (consumer & automotive), Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS), Other DSP Processing

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NXP Logo
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Automotive, Smart Home, ConferencingNXP

Chip Families   Mercury SAF4000, i.MX RT600, i.MX8, SAF9000, SAF9100

Supported Processors   Tensilica HiFi3, ARM Cortex-M33 & Tensilica HiFi4, HiFi5, ARM Cortex-A53

Use Case   Voice, Playback, Sound bar, ICC, 3D Sound, ANC/RNC, Hearable, Wearable, Smart Speaker

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Qualcomm Logo
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Automotive, Bluetooth, Conferencing, Smart HomeQualcomm

Chip Families   Kalimba Snapdragon, QCS82xx, QCS4xx, QCSA81xx, QCSA82xx, QCS87xx

Supported Processors  ARM Cortex-A/Kryo & Hexagon, ARM Cortex-A, M55/U55, Hexagon, Tensilica HiFi5

Use Case   Playback, Voice, ML, Hearable, Conference Speaker, Wearable, Smart Speaker, Sound bar, AVAS, Telephony, ESS/ESE, RNC

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Samsung Logo
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Chip Family   Exynos V910, V920

Supported Processors   Tensilica HiFi 4, HiFi5

Use Case   Playback, Voice, AVAS, Telephony, ESS/ESE, RNC

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ST Logo
Visit ST Microelectronics
Conferencing, Smart HomeST Microelectronics

Chip Family   STM32 MCU

Supported Processors   ARM Cortex-M4, ARM Cortex-M7

Use Case   Playback, Voice

Visit ST Microelectronics
Texas Instruments Logo
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AutomotiveTexas Instruments (TI)

Chip Families   Jacinto, Sitara

Supported Processors   Cortex A53, C66, C7x (coming soon)

Use Cases  Playback, Voice, AVAS, Telephony, ESS/ESE, RNC

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WuQi Logo
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Chip Families   WQ7036AX

Supported Processors   Tensilica HiFi5

Use Cases   TWS, Headset, Speaker

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Xmos Logo
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Smart Home, ConferencingXMOS

Chip Families   XCORE

Supported Processors   XU316-1024-TQ128-C24

Use Case   Playback

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Don't See What You're Looking For?

Ask us about a specific partnership or how to start a new partnership with DSP Concepts.