Meet the Module: AGC Core

Audio Weaver® from DSP Concepts is a low-code, hardware-independent audio platform that streamlines the development of audio features for a wide range of products.

By utilizing a PC-based host application for product design, paired with an audio processing engine embedded in the target hardware, Audio Weaver reduces the risk and complexity of each stage of the development workflow, from prototype to production. With Audio Weaver, developers can tune and debug before deploying the layouts they have created.

Audio Weaver contains over 550 signal processing blocks, referred to as modules. Module capabilities range from simple filtering to data type conversion, advanced audio mixing and distribution, all the way to machine learning and specialized, third-party IP. Audio Weaver’s drag-and-drop environment allows developers to build and customize sophisticated audio signal chains. Modules can be added, deleted, and rearranged in just a few clicks, much like circuit design.

To demonstrate, let’s walk through one of the many available modules: AGC Core.

Meet the Module: AGC Core

AGC Core is an Automatic Gain Control module — a dynamics processor that automatically adjusts the gain of an incoming signal to maintain a user-defined target RMS output level. In addition to the target level, maximum amplification and attenuation can also be set so that AGC Core operates within a user-defined gain range, and a smoothing control for adjusting the slew rate of the automatic gain adjustment.

AGC Core modules can be used whenever it is necessary to smooth the varying levels of an input signal.They can also be used as a safety stage before an output to assure that the signal stays within a nominal range without an excessive signal level clipping the output or an insufficient signal level suffering from a reduced signal-to-noise ratio.

One common approach to automatic gain control is the use of an AGC Core module and a Limiter Core module in series. With this arrangement, the AGC Core maintains a consistent RMS level over time, and the Limiter Core quickly applies gain reduction to transients and other fast-changing material that exceeds the limiter threshold.

AGC Core is just one of the hundreds of modules available in Audio Weaver. In addition to standard modules such as AGC Core, Audio Weaver also features more complex and powerful modules that accelerate the audio development of high-performance audio features such as immersive 3D audio rendering, multi-channel acoustic echo cancellation, and more.

For more information about the Audio Weaver platform and its collection of modules, please contact DSP Concepts®.