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Automotive sound systems and in-vehicle infotainment systems present some of the most complex design challenges of any product. Multiple entertainment sources, internal ADAS alerts, external AVAS warnings, voice control and telephony applications all require careful audio signal routing, planning and mixing. Add to this sound presentation exceeding the capability of many home environments utilizing up to 32 individual speakers to create a truly immersive listening environment. Our automotive team includes some of the leading experts in the field to help you navigate through challenges to create your next award winning sound experience.

System Architecture Analysis

In the early stages of developing the in-vehicle sound system there are many factors to consider prior to kicking off suppliers, procuring parts and creating CAD designs for the vehicle. DSP Concepts has the experience to provide system architecture tradeoff analysis consultation including creation of complete automotive quality speaker driver specifications, microphone specifications and audio amplifier specifications.

We can also provide software architecture advice and support developing audio signal flows to perform audio processing benchmarking comparisons to assist in the selection of SOCs, DSPs or MCUs. Finally, we can provide advice on system topologies and networking options for routing audio throughout the vehicle. DSP Concepts is well known in the audio industry and can recommend automotive qualified suppliers for all of the needed components.

Speaker and Microphone Packaging

Whether a basic four channel system or full immersive system, we work with your CAD engineers to determine optimal speaker packaging and location options to create the desired sound stage for your vehicle occupants. Likewise, DSPC will work with your engineers to package and locate microphones in the vehicle to support the desired use cases for your customers.

System Tuning and Branding

DSP Concepts has relationships with many of the top audio brands in the industry and can recommend and collaborate to bring these brands into your vehicle. We also have sound system tuning specialists and custom developed tools for creating powerful sonic experiences. Our tuning techniques and tools provide repeatable results across all vehicle segments.

Speaker Processing Design

Experts will craft your user requirements into custom audio processing signal flows that run in the Audio Weaver platform embedded into your SOC, DSP or MCU device. The most complex designs are implemented, validated and documented to work easily with the system user interface and vehicle variants.

Voice System Design

As a full service audio provider, DSPC creates bespoke voice capture solutions for local control of vehicle functions or remote voice assistants using TalkTo. These systems are custom tuned for every vehicle. Once the microphones are packaged into the vehicle they can also be used to support in-vehicle telephony, in-car communication, Android Auto and Apple Carplay applications as well. DSPC provides full support on your development thorough product to SOP to ensure a successful product launch.

AVAS - Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System Design

The increased production of electric vehicles has created a need to alert pedestrians when vehicles are approaching intersections. Government regulations have stipulated the need to create external sounds with specific sonic parameters to alert pedestrians. DSP Concepts has delivered many AVAS solutions into the automotive market designed to customer specific requirements. This includes support for creating specific Audio Weaver modules, assistance with transforming CAN messages to control signals, specific wave player models and consultation on appropriate speaker choices and placements in the vehicle.

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