AWE Processing Unit for SoC makers


Taking Advantage of Unused DSPs

Product makers often add external DSPs because internal DSPs are
   ➡  too difficult to program
   ➡  not well-documented
   ➡  require specialized skills
   ➡  lack proper support in software 

It's now possible to harness the power of internal DSPs for audio

Introducing the AWE Processing Unit with Audio Weaver Embedded

A pre-integrated SoC subsystem tuned for real-time audio workloads

Fully accessible from the high-level OS without writing low-level code


Cadence® Tensilica® DSPs or Arm® processors


Drivers and optimized processing libraries


AWE Designer graphical modular design environment



Simplify integration and streamline development


With the AWE Processing Unit, the DSP looks like a purpose-built ASIC, and now that our customers can leverage the DSP, we can win more sockets at a higher ASP and maintain margin. – IC Product Manager (1)

A one-time Audio Weaver integration

Gives product makers flexibility to develop their unique applications:

     ➡  Changeable block sizes

     ➡  Supports multiple simultaneous block sizes

     ➡  Handles multiple sample rates

     ➡  Manages multiple threads

     ➡  Ability to split processing across multiple heterogenous cores

The Audio Inside: harness the power of internal DSPs