Consumer Electronics
& Enterprise Audio

Customizable solutions for
consumer products from home audio to smart home and for enterprise products that meet the rigorous standards for Microsoft Teams certification

Home Audio

Solutions tailor-made for fine-tuned stereo and immersive multichannel playback

Featuring TalkTo designs and playback design components 

Smart Home

Bespoke voice solutions designed to address unique product designs and microphone configurations

Voice Conferencing

Solutions covering the full range of conferencing products

Website_ConferenceDevice_1 (1)
  • USB or Bluetooth connection
  • 1 to 4 microphones
  • Microsoft Teams small room
Website_ConferenceDevice_2 (1)
Premium Small Room
  • Android, Linux, or Windows
  • 4 to 6 microphones
  • Satellite mics
  • Machine Learning Noise Reduction
  • Microsoft Teams small room
Website_ConferenceDevice_3 (1)
Premium Large Room
  • Android, Linux, or Windows
  • Tracking camera
  • 4 to 11 microphones
  • Direction of Arrival
  • Dominant speaker tracking
  • Exclusion / Inclusion zones
  • Satellite mics
  • Machine Learning Noise Reduction
  • Microsoft Teams medium/large room

Design Highlight: Virtual Co-Viewing

Remarkably robust noise reduction makes clear, full duplex conversation possible during remote co-viewing sessions.  VCV combines the capabilities of TalkTogether Advanced with Machine Learning-driven noise reduction from pioneering developer IntelliGo.

Watch Together Virtual Co-View

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