Industry-leading audio processing designs for input and output developed by DSP Concepts


An audio front-end (AFE) that provides clean audio signals for voice assistants and ASR engines

DSP TalkTogether



A scalable solution for human-to-human voice communication that solves for acoustic echoes and background noise

DSP PlayPack



The essentials of sound output processing


DSP TalkTo


Integrate voice UI with support for Alexa Voice Service and Google Voice Assistant featuring extended pick-up range. TalkTo can scale from low-power, single-microphone solutions with quiescent sound detection and single-channel noise reduction, to advanced multi-microphone arrays with a host of advanced signal processing algorithms.

DSP Designs - TalkTo

Benefits for Product Managers

  • Adaptable to any voice-control use case
  • Exceptional far-field performance
  • Support for multiple voice assistants

Benefits for Audio Engineers

  • Scalable feature set with multiple microphone array geometries
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation supports any number of channels
  • Quiescent sound detection improves battery life

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Supported Voice Assistants

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TalkTo Essential

Reliable 1 or 2 mic performance with far-field pick-up capabilities

• Headsets and headphones
• Smartwatches
• Personal voice conferencing devices
• Alarm panels
• Smart speakers
• Security cameras and doorbells

TalkTo Advanced

Superior noise performance with stereo or multichannel playback and Direction Of Arrival

• Smart Appliances
• TV built-in or external accessory
• High performance smart speaker
• Smart exercise equipment
• Gaming soundbar
• Smart Display
• Enterprise soundbar

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Seamlessly integrate full duplex voice communication, and easily attain conferencing platform certifications. TalkTogether contains a full suite of signal processing algorithms and other features for natural, person-to-person communication that retains clarity in noisy environments.

DSP Designs - TalkTogether

Benefits for Product Managers

  • Natural artifact-free communication
  • Exceptional full duplex performance
  • Applicable to a wide range of product areas

Benefits for Audio Engineers

  • Fully tunable
  • Includes system level debugging tools
  • Extremely customizable

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Industry Pre-Certifications

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Solutions - Consumer

TalkTogether Consumer Essential

Easy to integrate and tune for half or full-duplex comms with basic noise reduction for near-field use-cases

• Personal conferencing devices
• Alarm panels
• Smart speakers
• Security cameras and doorbells
• Nurse call stations

TalkTogether Consumer


An ideal audio front end to use when developing complex mid and far-field voice communication use-cases

• Smart display w/camera and mic
• TV w/built-in mics and speakers
• High performance smart speaker
• Public kiosks

TalkTogether Consumer Advanced

Supports multi-microphone systems enabling intelligible communication in noisy settings or reverberant spaces. Effective regardless of the user’s position relative to the product, even at considerable distances of up to 5 meters

• High-end speakerphones
• TV built-in or external accessory
• High performance smart speaker
• Smart exercise equipment
• Gaming soundbar

Solutions - Enterprise

TalkTogether Enterprise Essential

Near and mid-field coverage featuring advanced residual echo suppression to manage reflective spaces and tuning that meet rigorous Microsoft Teams pre-certification requirements

• Personal Office
• Huddle Room

TalkTogether Enterprise Advanced

For products targeting larger meeting spaces with far-field pick-up and machine learning driven noise reduction plus echo cancellation robust to HDMI output

• Enterprise soundbar
• High-end conference phones
• Satellite microphones

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Slimmer product designs and shrinking space for components means product makers need to look beyond loudspeaker size for sound quality. PlayPack provides the essential elements to enhance, enrich, and augment output with stereo imaging, dynamic control, psychoacoustic bass, and dialog boost.

DSP Designs - PlayPack

Benefits for Product Managers

  • Fully tunable
  • Compensates for loudspeaker driver size and position

Benefits for Audio Engineers

  • Easily integrates with TalkTo and TalkTogether technologies
  • MIPS and memory optimized for small form factor products
  • Easily achieve target acoustical output with varying input levels

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PlayWide Stereo Imaging

Widens the sound field of stereo playback systems beyond the physical limitations of built-in loudspeakers

• Relies on the stereo cues present in the content
• Creates expanded and more immersive output

PlayBass Bass Enhancement

Extends the perceived bass response of loudspeakers using psychoacoustic science

• Adds high frequency harmonics based on low frequency fundamentals
• Prevents potential low frequency clipping without altering the frequency

PlayVoice Dialog Boost

Improves intelligibility of speech in mixed content

• Creates a virtual dialog center channel from stereo input
• Emphasizes voice band range (500 Hz – 5 kHz) while attenuating non-voice band signals

PlayLevel Level Smoothing

Automatic level matching between sources and streaming apps.
Controls the dynamic range of content in real-time:

• Minimizes volume changes between programs
• Maintains output at a target dBFS RMS level despite varying input levels
• Avoids amplification during silence segments

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