True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

Consumer expectations for TWS hearables are rising rapidly, requiring an ever broadening, more advanced set of features. TWS manufacturers are meeting demand by pushing the boundaries on performance and adding new, differentiating capabilities.

The TWS Solution powered by

IP Platform

A flexible and customizable IP Platform

Input and output designs from DSP Concepts combined with IP from industry-leading 3rd party developers

Exceptional Test Environment

Exceptional test environment

Connectivity via Bluetooth with effortless visibility into signals and data logs

On-Device Tuning, Profiling, and Debugging

On-device tuning, profiling, and debugging

Real-time interaction with the runtime system

Dynamic Over-the-Air Feature Upgrades & Updates

Dynamic over-the-air feature upgrades & updates

No reboot required with Audio Weaver Dynamic Instantiation

Tensilica HiFi 5 onthe Airoha AB1588 Bluetooth Audio SoC

Optimized for Tensilica HiFi 5 on the Airoha AB1588 Bluetooth Audio SoC

Delivers peak Audio Weaver performance

The Complete TWS Toolkit

Reference Design


Software Kit

Reference Design Highlights

Playback enhancement
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Voice Communications
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Bone Conduction
Bone Conduction Fusion
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Voice UI and Voice Assistant Services
™ Wake Word
Personalized hearing technologies
Sound Personalization
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3D Spatialization
RealSpace® 3D Spatial Audio
Active Noise Cancellation
Full Adaptive Hybrid ANC
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A Rapid Audio Prototyping Device (RAPID)
The TWS R&D toolkit that connects an earbud prototype from Knowles to either an off-the-shelf sound card or an embedded HiFi 4 DSP in the NXP RT685 EVK, all supported in the Audio Weaver design platform. RAPID enables OEMs to focus on designing innovative processing and delivering next level audio experiences to consumers.



• Removes hardware dependencies from product teams
• Accelerates development and reduces time-to-market
• Projects start from a proven design
• Allows product teams to adopt algorithms that are right-sized


• Microphone geometry and placement
• Multi-channel audio data acquisition
• Algorithm development, selection, and evaluation
• System-level design validation
• Real-time debugging and tuning, wired and wireless
• Acoustics performance validation

Final Product Airoha Software Kit

Optimized Audio Weaver functionality on the Airoha EVK with the AB1585
Bluetooth Audio SoC featuring the Tensilica HiFi 5 DSP:
• Ultra-low power
• AI empowered dual-core

Audio Weaver processing pre-integrated into playback and voice paths.

Real-time audio and tuning interface supported.

Airoha Board

Dynamic Instantiation

Over-the-air Upgrades and Updates for TWS


End users can select, personalize, and customize TWS features dynamically without having to reboot

How it works

Designs created in the Audio Weaver AWE Designer environment are sent to the embedded AWE Core as recipe that can be reconfigured

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