Audio Weaver, featuring the AWE Designer™ graphical design environment and the AWE Core™ embedded processing engine, is also a robust IP platform. 

The IP Ecosystem

Audio Weaver - The IP Ecosystem
DSP Concepts works in close partnership with select IP developers to make powerful algorithms available in Audio Weaver and continuously pursues the most in-demand and innovative solutions on the market.


Open IP

The DSP Concepts Open IP program offers an unprecedented level of algorithm access and control for teams seeking to craft custom audio features. Customer support includes block diagrams and training to enable product makers to tune, modify, and build on DSP Concepts IP.

  • For select skilled OEMs and design partners
  • No longer have to deal with “Black Box” IP
  • Product makers can modify, customize, and build on the IP
  • DSP Concepts provides block diagrams showing how to implement the full set of audio processing for different product areas
  • DSP Concepts provides customer training support
DSP Concepts Open IP Program

IP Partners

Best-in-class, curated algorithms from industry-leading developers


Extended Voice Communication Package
Engine Harmonic Cancellation
QuietComfort Road Noise Control
Spatial audio reproduction
Binaural rendering
Adaptive nonlinear control system
Embedded wake word and phrase-recognition

Consumer Audio and Enterprise Audio

Low-power keyword-spotting solutions
Direct speech-to-intent spoken language understanding
Binaural rendering
Embedded wake word and phrase-recognition
TensorFlow LiteTensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers
Machine learning platform
Spatial Audio
Binaural rendering over loudspeakers

Bluetooth Audio

Speech Enhancement
Neural network noise reduction
Sound Personalization
Unique hearing profile mapped to bio-algorithm

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