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Audio Weaver Live Training Workshop

In this day-long workshop taught by DSP Concepts engineers, you'll get hands-on training and learn about the following topics:

  • Audio Weaver Overview
  • Audio Weaver Designer GUI
  • Standard Designer Processing Modules
  • Audio Weaver Core Embedded Libraries
  • Pro Designer Features
  • Audio Weaver Use Cases

Audio Weaver Quick Start Series

For those just starting out with Audio Weaver

1. General Concepts

In this video, we cover all the basics you need to know to start using Audio Weaver Designer today to develop audio products.

2. General Module Concepts

Learn how to configure modules with inspectors, set variables using the property sheet, change arguments like the number of channels, change module status, and how smoothing works in modules.

3. Pins and Wires

Learn more about wire properties (block size and number of channels), pin propagation, changing the block size, and channel matching.

 See more of the Audio Weaver Quick Start Series including videos covering Commonly Used Modules, Subsystem and Hierarchy, Control Signals, Adjusting the Canvas, Controlling Audio Playback, Profiling, and Using the Server.

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Audio Weaver Special Topics Series

For the more advanced Audio Weaver user
1. Basic Matlab API
Learn how to get the most out of the Pro Version of Audio Weaver using Matlab API.

2. Making Recordings

Learn multiple ways that you can create recordings using Audio Weaver Designer.

3. Layout Statistics
Use Layout Statistics to easily view relevant information about your systems and projects in Audio Weaver Designer.

See more of the Special Topics series including Inspector Groups, File Search Paths, Feedback, Diffing Systems, Computing Frequency Response, Paste Settings, the Module Browser, and Permissions.

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