Machine Learning Enablement

The Audio Weaver ML Module Pack

Accelerating and Expanding DSP Processing with Machine Learning


Machine Learning is fueling a fundamental evolution in audio processing. Solutions from DSP Concepts combine the quality of traditional signal processing with the acceleration and efficiency provided by ML. With the Audio Weaver ML Module Pack, a single data scientist alone can featurize data for training and release a model into deeply embedded systems.


The ML Module Pack: Efficiencies

  • Runs the pre-processing and post processing when predicting with a model

  • Runs the model natively in a complex design

  • Runs the design and model on the target with optimized operations

  • Allows for real-time profiling and tuning of an ML application

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ML Modules image

The ML Module Pack: Function and Benefits

  • Enables orchestration* of complex processing solutions

  • Simplifies featurization of data

  • Provides reproducibility between supported targets

  • Speeds up prototyping and time-to-target

  • Includes hundreds of Audio Weaver modules to address novel problems

  • Reduces the burden on internal development

*or·ches·tra·tion |\ˌôrkəˈstrāSHən\ 1. the design, configuration, and tuning of ML models with DSP processing in Audio Weaver layouts


The ML Module Pack: V1

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ML Module Pack Picture

The Streamlined ML Workflow in Audio Weaver



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