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DSP ConceptsMay 20, 2024 9:30:11 AM1 min read

Empowering Parents: LG U+ Revolutionizes Home Connectivity with Supermomca, Powered by Audio Weaver's TalkTo Technology

Get ready to meet Supermomca, a cutting-edge wireless home monitoring solution by LG U+, crafted with Audio Weaver's advanced TalkTo voice recognition audio design.

At its core, the Supermomca integrates cutting-edge technology with intuitive features, making it a quintessential companion for modern households. Boasting a QHD high-resolution camera, it offers unparalleled clarity, allowing users to zoom in up to 16 times to capture every intricate detail of their home for enhanced peace of mind. 

What truly sets the Supermomca apart is its innovative voice communication feature. With a simple command—"Hey Momca"—parents can seamlessly connect with their children, grandparents, or pets throughout the day. This real-time interaction fosters a sense of closeness and ensures that essential messages, such as meal times or homework reminders, are sent promptly.

Supermomca's privacy-focused design includes a voice-activated camera deactivation feature, while AI-enabled smile detection captures precious moments effortlessly in both video or photo format. Designed for versatility, Supermomca operates wirelessly, adapting seamlessly to any environment.

DSP Concepts, the maker of Audio Weaver, is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in audio design. Together, with Supermomca, LG U+ introduces a transformative solution that redefines home connectivity and communication. Learn more about Supermomca, visit


About LG U+

LG U+ is a leading South Korean telecommunications and technology company, renowned for its innovative solutions and commitment to enhancing connectivity. As a subsidiary of LG Corporation, LG U+ offers a comprehensive range of services, including mobile, broadband, and IPTV, catering to both consumer and enterprise segments. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and customer satisfaction, LG U+ continues to drive advancements in telecommunications, shaping the future of digital communication and connectivity.