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DSP Concepts Provides Voice Control Optimizing Technology for the KT Genie TV All-in-One Soundbar
DSP ConceptsJun 16, 2023 12:14:37 PM2 min read

DSP Concepts Provides Voice Control Optimizing Technology for the KT Genie TV All-in-One Soundbar

The 2023 Red Dot Product Design winner features the GiGA Genie AI voice assistant powered by TalkTo™ technology

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DSP Concepts, the embedded audio software leader and creator of the Audio Weaver® development platform, announced today its collaboration with top South Korea telecom KT Corporation to bring smart voice control to KT's latest set-top box, the Genie TV All-in-One Soundbar. With the Genie TV, KT delivers premium tuning and immersive sound combined with precision far-field voice recognition enabled with TalkTo from DSP Concepts.

Designed with the renowned Audio Weaver platform and offered as one of several open IPs from DSP Concepts, TalkTo is an Audio Front End technology that combines advanced signal processing techniques to create clean audio signals for voice assistants. With TalkTo, end-users can control the Genie TV and perform voice searches for content from across living spaces.

DSP Concepts Provides Voice Control Optimizing Technology for the KT Genie TV All-in-One Soundbar

With proper tuning and design for the Genie TV acoustics, TalkTo makes it possible for the GiGA Genie AI voice assistant to respond while playing immersive sound. The Genie TV features a multi-microphone TalkTo design for far-field voice performance with Acoustic Echo Cancellation, beamforming, and noise reduction algorithms. TalkTo processing runs seamlessly on the powerful Cadence® Tensilica® HiFi 4 DSP on the S905X4 SoC from Amlogic.

"We are thrilled to have this opportunity to build on our previous collaborations and join industry-leading audio partners on this latest award-winning product from KT," said Chin Beckmann, DSP Concepts CEO. "KT continues to define the shape of voice and sound with their innovative set-top boxes and soundbars, bringing smart, immersive entertainment into living rooms. We are especially excited to provide the development benefits of our Audio Weaver open platform, allowing KT, their ODM partners, silicon partner, and DSP Concepts to collaborate in the same environment and with full visibility throughout the development process "

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About KT Corporation

KT Corporation is the largest integrated telecom and digital platform service provider based in South Korea. Principal services include mobile, Broadband, IPTV, B2B communications, fixed-line telephony. The Company has industry-leading market presence in Broadband, media services, and fixed-line telephony by maintaining the No.1 market share positions. Also, the Company is the No.1 player in B2B communications and offers a wide range of digital transformation services (IDC, Cloud, AI, etc.).