The essentials of sound output processing with PlayPack

Slimmer product designs and shrinking space for components means product makers need to look beyond loudspeaker size for sound quality. PlayPack provides the essential elements to enhance, enrich, and augment output with stereo imaging, dynamic control, loudness management, psychoacoustic bass, and dialog boost. With DSP Concepts Open Audio IP program, product makers have the flexibility to build totally new features using the hundreds of processing modules available in Audio Weaver Designer.

Four high-quality, DSP Concepts designed output features

PlayWide: Stereo Imaging

Widens the sound field of stereo playback systems beyond the physical limitations of built-in loudspeakers

Relies on the stereo cues present in the content

Creates expanded and more immersive output

PlayBass: Bass Enhancement

Extends the perceived bass response of loudspeakers using psychoacoustic science

Adds low frequency response based on higher frequency signal harmonics

Prevents potential low frequency clipping without altering the frequency response

PlayVoice: Dialog Boost

Improves intelligibility of speech in mixed content

Creates a virtual dialog center channel from stereo input

Emphasizes voice band range (500 Hz – 5 kHz) while attenuating non-voice band signals

PlayLevel: Level Smoothing

Controls the dynamic range of content in real-time

Minimizes volume changes between programs

Maintains output at a target dBFS RMS level despite varying input levels

Avoids amplification during silence segments

Seamless Integration

How it Works

  • Playback solutions for mono and stereo output systems
  • Option to integrate in conjunction with TalkTo Voice UI
  • MIPS and Memory optimized for small form factor products

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