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Automotive audio is the most complicated audio experience — it’s a movie theater, a conference room, and so much more all in one. The market increasingly demands unique experiences built with multi-source, multi-destination, multi-screen, multi-user entertainment systems— and voice control. But automotive audio goes beyond entertainment. Today’s audio designers are crafting signature engine noises and working on ambient noise monitoring as well. There’s a need to make every audio experience unique and distinctive to your brand.


What’s the platform of choice for automotive audio development?

Audio Weaver: the only end-to-end audio development platform that doesn’t require heavy customization, includes built-in innovative audio IP, transforms tuning, and has a proven track record of delivering exciting experiences for leading brands faster than ever before.

“DSP Concepts’ technology makes it possible for our engineers to implement an individual sound concept for the Taycan and to create a unique Porsche sound signature.“

Oliver Seifert

Vice President of Electrics/Electronics Development, Porsche

How does Audio Weaver help you overcome your obstacles?

It’s a low-code, drag-and-drop tool that does it all: design, development, and deployment for any automotive audio product.

With over 500 audio processing modules, DSP Concepts and 3rd party audio IP, it’s easy to add the functionality your product needs—including voice control for automotive.

It accelerates collaboration: audio engineers, vehicle acoustics and user interface designers can work together.

It’s processor agnostic and delivers the optimized code you need right away to move forward faster, even with dual sourcing.

Audio Weaver The Unified Audio Development Platform


Audio Weaver is the only tool you need to quickly develop and prototype system level concepts, new user modes and custom IP. With over 500 audio processing modules, DSP Concepts audio IP and a broad selection of automotive audio 3rd party IP, you can create complex audio signal flows with an easy drag and drop visual environment. You and your team can explore your options in a low-code environment that accelerates innovative designs without waiting for the software team to translate your ideas.


Audio Weaver partners with the leading ICs, empowering you to put your design on any target hardware you choose painlessly. Suddenly your creation is live on the intended target —to test audio performance, visualize critical signals and parameters and validate system hardware and interfaces — without leaving Audio Weaver. This unprecedented workflow simplifies and accelerates system level debugging. Audio Weaver can also be used to create specific validation features and even end-of-line test features to speed vehicles off the line with known quality.


Real-time audio is difficult, especially on a multi-threaded, multi-core system. Audio Weaver makes performance easy, ensuring that your designs run in real time on any target environment without any hiccups. Audio Weaver provides top level profiling data as well as function by function and module by module details, in real time, to assist designers. With Audio Weaver, you can make critical tradeoffs to match real time budgets for any use case. If needed, you can modify algorithmic approaches while viewing CPU performance on the target device in a user friendly graphical design environment. Audio Weaver ensures the best audio functionality and performance achievable on any processor.

And since Audio Weaver is hardware agnostic, never start from scratch again on every new vehicle development, just because a new SOC or DSP is used in the design. Use Audio Weaver across vehicle lines and product segments to deploy proven designs with consistent behavior, audio performance and user experience. Regardless of hardware changes, you maintain control of the audio features, concepts and IP.

Dolby Atmos for cars precisely tuned by DSP Concepts

Experiencing the multidimensional sound of Dolby Atmos Music in the comfort of your car gives the audio industry a new edge. DSP Concepts worked with Dolby to tune this unique sonic experience.


Automotive audio signal layouts

Our market leadership in custom premium automotive sound systems results in DSP Concepts’ layouts for full featured audio signal flows, built into Audio Weaver. Use them as is or as starting systems to build on.

  • Because the designs run in Audio Weaver, they can work on any automotive DSP or SOC.
  • Audio Weaver supports, basic, midlevel and high level systems from 4 to more than 30 speakers.

Build with proven signal flows, speed your system vehicle audio development, avoid custom code.

Third-Party IP access

Audio Weaver includes dozens of 3rd party algorithms from well known audio software providers, giving organizations a quick and easy way to add innovations to their products. Audio Weaves includes:

  • Sophisticated multi-channel upmixing, immersive 3D audio rendering for playback systems, multichannel acoustic equalizers and active noise cancellation solutions.

Build on a broad collection of known solutions that let engineers move forward, faster, with higher quality and innovation.

TalkTo for Automotive

TalkTo makes it easy to add voice control, voice assistants or even audio analytic functionality to your designs. TalkTo can be tuned to the specific vehicle interior design and it supports multiple array topologies as well as external microphone applications. TalkTo includes:

  • Multi-microphone fixed and adaptive beamforming technology
  • Noise reduction technology and Interference cancellation technology
  • Acoustic Echo cancellation technology supporting multiple playback channels

Provide seamless integration for embedded and cloud based speech recognition engines — so they work better in noisy, multi-passenger environments.

Sound Generation

Many automotive applications require unique sounds, including external engine sounds, internal engine sounds, AVAS sounds for warning nearby pedestrians or other signature sounds. By providing an Audio Weaver layout with all the essential elements, you can scale a synthesizer to your specific needs and CPU capabilities. Audio Weaver provides:

  • Vehicle data interpreters, multiple controllable WAV file generators and standard signal generators.
  • Sound generation can be designed, developed and deployed along with entertainment audio system designs -- no need for additional tools.

Have complete control over any sounds using a configurable system, for added flexibility and accelerated creation.

Tuning Tool

Finally, when the new audio system is presented to the acoustics team for system tuning, DSP Concepts offers a full suite of vehicle acoustic tuning tools, separate from Audio Weaver, that transforms real-time audio tuning.

  • Our tools and approach are systematic, analytical, highly automated and create repeatable successful results.
  • Tuning sessions that typically require a week or more in a scarce prototype vehicle are reduced to hours, freeing up the vehicle for use by other engineering groups.

Create an acoustic fingerprint, tune against the fingerprint instead of the car, speed this crucial final step in the sound system development process.

Automotive Measuring System - AMS

Conventional tuning requires far too much time in the prototype. The Automotive Measuring Suite measures the acoustical fingerprint of the vehicle, creates a model, and lets audio engineers tune vehicle acoustics without access to the vehicle.

  • Hundreds of speaker to listener transfer functions are captured, measure up to 32 speaker channels and use up to 8 microphones in parallel.
  • Take thousands of measurements in less than 2 hours, browse, compare, and export measurements.

Send a technician to collect all the measurements you need and create a model for offline tuning. No expert needed for measurements.

Automotive Tuning System - ATS

ATS is an offline tuning system that supports analysis of the vehicle measurements and creating automated filters and time alignment parameters. With it, acoustic engineers can explore measurements, optimize EQ, and modify designs by hand.

  • Import data from AMS or previous tuning sessions
  • Display time and spectral responses for all seat positions
  • Create filter parameters and an automated tuning report for documentation
  • Tune for different multiple seat locations at the same time

Tune without the vehicle, even offsite. Add flexibility, improve collaboration, free the vehicle for other uses, tune the vehicle when you’re ready.

Automotive Prototyping System - APS

Often the most challenging stage of deployment is the final tuning stage. Automotive Prototyping Suite, or APS, runs in the target environment on Audio Weaver, and supports live final tuning in the vehicle.

  • Import parameters from the ATS system into the target hardware
  • Listen to the results in the vehicle with sample content
  • Create candidate tunings and switch seamlessly among three options (A/B/C switch)
  • Includes typical audio functionality - bass, treble, balance, fade to assist evaluation. Includes all the use modes the system supports.
  • If target hardware is not available, APS can be used on the ASIO sound card tuning kit.

With APS, making minor changes to the vehicle acoustic response becomes easy, fast, and repeatable.

Professional Automotive Tuning System for Audio - PASTA

Designers and engineers can turn to a turnkey single system that’s Audio Weaver aware. It supports a common user interface across all vehicle lines regardless of the target hardware. With PASTA, engineers can:

  • Tune everything included in the audio signal flow — with target hardware or standalone kit
  • Turn on or off third party algorithms that are in the signal flow
  • While tuning, monitor the CPU load to avoid overloading

With PASTA, organizations can simplify final tuning, improve outcomes, and drive innovation.

Let our team accelerate your success

Creating exceptional automotive sound experiences isn’t easy, and many manufacturers leverage the skills and insights of our automotive team of the leading experts in the field. We have a track record of helping teams navigate through challenges to create their next award winning sound experience. Our capabilities include system architecture analysis, speaker and microphone packaging, system tuning and branding, speaker processing design, voice system design, and AVAS design.

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