Conference Speaker Solutions

Build your conference speaker product with robust voice communication. Powerful development tools support multiple industry-leading hardware platforms.

You can design your products for near field or far field voice communication performance. Your solution can be a BT/USB voice pucks for conferencing, or a higher-end conference room speakerphone. This design will meet Amazon’s ACM (Alexa Calling, Messaging and Announcements) certification, or can be adapted to other industry-wide qualifications in development.

Voice Communication can be configured for omni directional voice capture, or be more narrowly beamformed for increased noise suppression. Half-duplex or full-duplex communication is supported for simple to complex design considerations. Your solution can be scaled to support a full-duplex conference room calling system with multi-mics, or a minimal near-field BT/USB puck with a single mic. You can combine Voice Communication with a TalkTo voice assistant solution to enable both voice calling and voice assistant capability.

Playback from DSP Concepts enables your BT/USB puck to a conference speaker to have output render that provides clear output for the voice call.

Adaptable Design

Voice Communication in conference speakers targets a wide spectrum of this segment, scaling from whole room conference systems to smaller huddle rooms, and USB/BT voice pucks. Use Voice Communication to develop a stellar voice calling system focused solely on voice communication performance.

Robust Double Talk

Exceptional doubletalk performance in Voice Communication provides clear voice quality in conference speaker applications where video conferencing can allow 50+ talkers to join a call. If there is constant doubletalk, your design will work in this challenging environment.

Hardware spectrum

Your conference speaker application can utilize a DSP, MCU or SoC. DSP Concepts works across the spectrum of hardware suppliers so your design can select features and scale up or down for voice performance, cost sensitivity, and low power.


Meets the highest quality level within ACM (Alexa Calling, Messaging and Announcements). Please contact DSP Concepts directly for more test result information. Your solution can meet voice communication specifications with minor adjustments.

Playback Solutions

Volume Management

Adjust your input streams of varying levels to a consistent output level.

Dialogue Enhancement

Improve your voice communications by the use of multi-ch inputs to create a virtual center channel for dialogue.

Bass Enhancement

Boost your design with an virtual extended bass output response

Spatial Enhancement

Build a more immersive output design by taking multi-ch inputs and adjust for features such as perceived stereo widening.

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