Home Audio Solutions

Build your home audio products with TalkTo to enable a far field voice assistant and robust voice communication. Powerful development tools support multiple industry-leading hardware platforms.

Enable your smart speakers, soundbars and surround sound designs with voice assistants, voice calling and playback.

Stellar barge-in performance allows for >100dB SPL capability in your design, while multi-channel AEC algorithms allow for more than mono or stereo designs in home audio, capable of 7.1ch and more. Optional AIC and beamforming improve voice assistant accuracy when distractors like a TV are playing near the speaker system, using an optional Adaptive Interference Canceller and beamforming.

Multiple options exist to improve playback performance for simple products needing bass enhancement and volume management. Advanced solutions combine TalkTo or Voice Communication with partners Dolby or DTS for playback processing in Home Audio.

TalkTo and Playback

With Audio Weaver your design delivers performance from simple smart speakers to large surround sound systems. Voice control, voice calling and playback can be combined into one solution.

Multichannel AEC Performance

With multichannel AEC performance ranging from mono up to 7.1ch surround, we have scalable solutions depending on your design.

Adaptive Interference Canceller (AIC)

Remove unwanted noise sources with more than just beamforming with our AIC technology to provide the best signal for the voice assistant or in a voice call.

High-dB Barge-In performance

Play your speakers loud and still be able to control it with voice commands using our system combining AIC, multi-ch AEC and beamforming.

Works with any Assistant Ecosystem

Build a system for Amazon’s Alexa or any other major voice assistant platform, we are experienced with all of them, and can support custom wakewords.

Local commands

Use home audio devices with a wake-word and local commands, without the use of a cloud-based ASR. This can enable low latency, more device/application specific commands, and increased privacy with local processing.

Far Field Performance

Our solutions pass the most stringent home audio performance requirements with AVS testing and more. Stellar barge-in performance and clear voice calls makes us a choice of many high-end brands.

Playback Solutions

Volume Management

Adjust your input streams of varying levels to a consistent output level.

Dialogue Enhancement

Improve your voice communications by the use of multi-ch inputs to create a virtual center channel for dialogue.

Bass Enhancement

Boost your design with an virtual extended bass output response

Spatial Enhancement

Build a more immersive output design by taking multi-ch inputs and adjust for features such as perceived stereo widening.

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