Smart Home & IoT Solutions

Build your smart home and IoT products with local commands, untethered from the cloud or design your high-end control panels with far-field, cloud-connected performance.

Smart home is a wide category that requires a scalable solution that addresses small form-factor products for mass market, e.g light switches, to more complex multi-mic solutions like thermostat control panels. TalkTo can address a broad spectrum of your smart home designs and enable a cloud voice assistant, or with local commands without cloud connection. Most smart home products like light switches will incorporate a TalkTo voice assistant, but limit output capabilities due to cost and form factor. You can build more advanced products, adding voice communication, and Playback output rendering.

TalkTo enables your voice commands in low SNR scenarios like a wall-mounted control panel in the living room, in the presence of a loud TV distractor with no available AEC reference. Low power TalkTo solutions exist for connecting your voice assistant across a combination of microphones, MCUs, DSPs and SoCs for low power voice wake specifications.

Multiple options exist to improve playback performance for mass-market products needing bass enhancement, volume management, and virtual center channels, especially when small speakers are required in the form factor. Your general smart home and IoT product designs can scale upwards from DSPC's Playback to solutions that are compatible with Dolby or DTS, more typically used in Home Audio playback processing, depending on the needs of your design.

Why DSP Concepts for Smart Home & IoT?

Full spectrum of Smart Home features & form factors

From simple switches to full smart home control panels we have solutions for mass-market, low power products in near or far-field voice command, voice calling and audio playback.

Faster time to market

With our Audioweaver platform we deliver performance solutions faster and can build a full Smart Home portfolio for customers on multiple existing home control products.

Any Voice Assistant

Build a system for Amazon’s Alexa or any other major voice assistant platform, we are experienced with all of them, and can support custom wakewords. Enable local commands for offline control

Low power solutions

We meet stringent power requirements in Smart Homes by architecting a low power voice wake solution across multiple hardware and software components.

Adaptive Interference Canceller (AIC)

Remove unwanted noise sources with more than just beamforming with our AIC technology to provide the best signal for the voice assistant when no AEC is available.

Far Field voice communication

High performance voice capture to provide clear voice conversations for intercom systems or IP cameras to provide clear voice conversations.

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