Audio Solutions for Smart Home

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How can DSP Concepts help with Smart Home products?


Reliable Voice-control in the unpredictable spaces of modern life

Adaptive Interference Cancellerâ„¢ (AIC)

Deal with external noise sources including mechanical

Supports linear and circular arrays of 2-8 microphones

Wake-Word agnostic

TalkTo enhances both local and cloud ASR performance

Audio Weaver

Voice-Safe output-processing for small speakers

Get to market faster

Rapid development via Drag-n-Drop design environment

Ready for anything

400+ Audio Building Blocks to meet any audio-processing needs

Hardware Optimized

Prevents speaker-distortion that degrades voice user-interface performance

Playback Processing

High demand Audio Features available through Audio Weaver

Small-Speaker Enhancement

Perceptual Bass Enhancement

Dynamic EQ

Limiting / Clipping


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