Voice Control for Noisy Environments

TalkTo is a suite of proprietary Machine Learning & Microphone Processing algorithms that delivers a quiet-room experience in the noisy & unpredictable spaces of everyday life.

Amazon Alexa Qualified

Easily Integrate Alexa Voice Service (AVS) into products where external noise is a concern.

Easily Adaptable

TalkTo supports mono, stereo, and multichannel (up to 7 channels) systems and beamforming for up to 8 microphones.

Access Cutting Edge Voice IP

Eliminate interfering noise sources, even without a reference signal with Adaptive Interference Canceller (AIC).


With TalkTo
voice control is easy.

TalkTo is available in multiple variants, each scaled and optimized for the needs and capabilities of the target application.

Smart Home / IoT


Set Top Box

Smart Speaker


Battery Optimized

Hearable / Wearable

Seamless integration

How it works


Audio Front End (AFE)

The AFE serves as a microphone cleaner, using the raw, noisy audio from the microphones to detect, extract, and clean any speech-activity found in the ambient sound field.

Wake Word Engine (WWE)

Wake-Word Engines continuously scan the AFE-provided voice-stream, looking for the presence of a specific phrase (e.g. "Alexa"). Accuracy of the WWE is a primary driver of UX-quality and depends heavily on AFE quality.

Back End Services

After the wake-word is detected, the extracted voice-command is passed to a [cloud-based or local] voice-service which converts speech-to-text (ASR) and determines user-intent (NLU). Again, accuracy is highly dependent on AFE performance.

Speaker Processing

For robust Voice UI performance, products with audio-output(s) must have low speaker-distortion. To achieve this, output-audio is digitally limited to the physical capabilities of the speaker(s). Audio Weaver is a fast path solution to this problem.

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