Industry-leading audio processing IP developed by DSP Concepts


Full-featured, customizable designs for voice


An audio front-end (AFE) that delivers exceptionally clean audio signals to voice assistants and ASR engines

Easily integrate voice UI with support for Alexa Voice Service, Google Voice Assistant, and  custom on-device voice solutions. TalkTo can scale from low-power, single-microphone solutions with quiescent sound detection and single-channel noise reduction, to advanced multi-microphone arrays with a host of advanced signal processing algorithms.

  • Extended pick-up range – reliable voice pickup even at 5 meters away
  • Multichannel AEC – enables simultaneous voice conferencing with multichannel playback with up to 35 dB of cancellation
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See the state-of-the-art voice UI technology pipeline infographic here


TalkTo Essential

Reliable far-field pickup for mono and stereo applications

TalkTo Advanced

Superior noise performance with stereo or multichannel playback and Direction Of Arrival


Delivers natural, full-duplex, person-to-person voice communication

Seamlessly integrate full-duplex voice communication and meet the rigorous benchmarks required for Microsoft Teams certification. TalkTogether is ready to be tailored for a wide range of form factors from near-field half-duplex with basic ECNR to far-field multi-microphone systems with exceedingly robust echo cancellation and machine learning-driven noise reduction.

  • Robust double talk – scalable up to full-duplex with Residual Echo Suppression that meets Microsoft Teams requirements
  • Configurable beamforming – combines Direction of Arrival functionality with adaptive capability to substantially increase signal-to-noise ratio
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See TalkTogether in Action

TalkTogether Consumer

Easy to integrate and tune for half or full-duplex comms with basic noise reduction for near-field use-cases

An ideal audio front end to use when developing complex mid and far-field voice communication use-cases

​Supports multi-microphone systems enabling intelligible communication in noisy settings or reverberant spaces. Effective regardless of the user’s position relative to the product, even at distances of up to 5 meters.

TalkTogether Enterprise

Near and mid-field coverage featuring advanced residual echo suppression to manage reflective spaces and tuning that meets Microsoft Teams pre-certification requirements

For products targeting larger meeting spaces with far-field pick-up and Machine Learning-driven noise reduction plus echo cancellation robust to HDMI output

Open IP

The DSP Concepts Open IP program offers an unprecedented level of algorithm access and control for teams seeking to craft custom audio features. Customer support includes block diagrams and training to enable product makers to tune, modify, and build.



Open IP: Design Components

Presence Detection

Ultra-high frequency motion-activated on and off control


Direction of Arrival (DOA)

Accurate estimation of audio source arrival direction using 2+ microphone sensors


Bone Conduction Fusion

Synthesis of acoustic and bone conduction signals for Own Voice enhancement


PlayWide: Stereo Imaging

Widens the perceived sound field of stereo playback systems


PlayBass: Bass Enhancement

Extends perceived bass response by adding harmonics based on low frequency fundamentals

PlayLevel: Level Smoothing

Maintains output at a target level despite varying input levels

PlayVoice: Dialog Boost

Emphasizes the voice band range while attenuating non-voice band signals

Room Correction

Automatically applies low frequency filtering to adjust for room acoustics


Wind Noise Reduction

Suppresses characteristic noise in specific frequency bands

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