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Confidence to Speak Naturally with Automotive Voice Features
AdminMar 20, 2023 11:13:30 AM1 min read

The Confidence to Speak Naturally

Automotive Voice_Confidence to Speak Naturally_

Providing drivers with high-quality voice control and communication features can avoid distractions such as the passengers feeling compelled to speak loudly, drivers leaning awkwardly in their seats in order to be heard, or drivers interacting directly with their phones.  For many end-users, these responses are now conditioned due to perceived limitations of microphones and embedded speech technologies.


Historically, users have not had much faith in telephony to pick up natural speech. This led to memorable telecom campaigns boasting that they could pick up and transmit the sound of a pin dropping, or that the answer to "can you hear me now?" is always “yes”.  Decades later, even with advancements in technology and the ubiquity of integrated voice communication in vehicles, that same skepticism can remain


The way to conquer this skepticism is to demonstrate a trouble-free and high-quality automotive voice system utilizing technologies that allow the user to sit and speak naturally. DSP Concepts provides a full, scalable suite of automotive voice technologies. When implemented, these technologies culminate in a system that can be used effortlessly, instilling the user with a level of confidence that is key to the occupants’ safety and comfort.


With the confidence to speak naturally, drivers and passengers are safer and can feel more at home in the cabin. This sense of confidence can bolster brand loyalty, since the driver knows that, in this auto-maker’s vehicles, the person on the other end of the line may as well be sitting right next to them. They can indeed hear each other clearly with no leaning, no shouting, and no need to take eyes off the road.

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