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As products in all categories get smarter, audio capabilities are becoming essential to the operation of products that never had them before. DSP Concepts’ consulting services bring powerful expertise and resources to companies outside traditional audio industries—and can also help traditional audio companies incorporate unfamiliar technologies such as microphone processing and voice recognition. Our engineering team includes some of the world’s top talent in numerous audio specialties, including microphone and speaker processing, automotive sound and telematics systems, IoT applications, wireless technologies and more. Let us help you add the features you need and achieve the performance that will keep your customers happy.

Profiling and Processor Selection

With traditional methods, it's difficult to estimate MIPs/memory needs and then line those up against vendor-provided benchmarks. With Audio Weaver, this process is simple and reliable, using cycle-accurate, on-chip profiling to reveal the true performance of each processor, including cache effects and memory-system performance.


We offer training to help our customers accelerate their development using Audio Weaver. Onsite group classes specific to your company’s product will streamline and accelerate your development process.

IP Wrapping for Audio Weaver

Typically, systems built using Audio Weaver are assembled primarily from base processing modules such as biquads, gains, mixers, etc. However, Audio Weaver also has a custom-module API that allows previously developed libraries to be integrated as an Audio Weaver block. Doing this allows your algorithm to be easily used as part of the system block diagram.

System Architecture Consultation

Leverage our team's deep domain knowledge and product-development experience to mitigate risk during your product definition phase. We can explore your goals and constraints to help you decide the number of microphones, microphone topology, size and placement of speakers, and which processor to use. We'll even work with you to help develop a proof of concept.

Custom IP Development

We will take on lead customers requiring custom IP development for applications that are on our roadmap. Armed with deep domain knowledge and the Audio Weaver system, we can help you quickly realize your ideas.

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